Recieving the rejection is not meant to be a pain but is that you would recieve an unexpected blessing.

Second Edition: Additional Information

During my spare time at the library where I habitually hang out, I read the interesting article of Writer’s Digest dated Feb 2011 that is ” Saving the Rejects” by Sue Fliess. The author called the seller for purchasing the bulky of lollipops but the company informed her that they were selling the rejected lollipops. She was mulling over buying the unwanted goods while she verified with the company if they had been damaged, rotten or what else. The returned goods were rejected from other consumer for various reasons without damaging them. They were taken care well.  It taught me to appreciate the rejections for positive reasons. At the restaurant, an untouched dish was rejected for various reasons and was returned to the kitchen. The staffs were happy to share this with everyone in the kitchen because the rejected dish was quite costly. Some shops sell the rejected items at lower price to clear the stock or avoid the expiry date arrangement. Yes, these shops receive the blessing – profit rather than labeling them as the wastage cost.

Apart from this, the issue of romantic relationship is quite complicated to be understood. I am not good at advising to people who have love problems. It does not mean that I am suck in my love life but every story of every couple is very unique to themselves. Applying this principle helps us to accept patiently and heal ourselves.  Some face the rejections from a person they are in love with and would be shattered down. If you want badly to be with someone you are in love with, put your hope LOWER and be strong to tell her/him. If she/he feels uncomforted or  is forced to be your partner, the happiness would not be lasted. You got the rejection from her/him and I believe you would get a good blessing soon.Who know you would meet a better person. Best Endeavour.