Start to exercise

Today, I jogged for 15mins only. 15mins?? I feel it is not enough, i admit.  I am just the amateur jogger who exercise once or two a month. It is a reason of why I have a lack of confidence and self-motivation. Why do I feel this way? Because I work and work and WORK. It has gradually affected my health, physic and mentality. My job has unfixed schedule which i work in different shifts, I can’t catch up with my fixedly exercise route along my work. I am always exhausted mentally and physically after the work.

Thus, starting to re-vamp this blog, I was trying to complete “Breaking the ice barrier” post but my mind went blank and left it only 200 words as the draft. Because I have not written a lengthy article (more than 500words) for many months and it has became redundant. Oh Gosh! It is a good time to polish it up to make sure it would shine. Good news, i just applied the journalism course through online after my research on the course and the feedback. I notice the journalism course require the serious commitment and more practices.

By the way, i really learnt much from the journalism course. Cool. Oh yes, jogging has made me vigilant well. =D