Sniff… What is this?


Mum put me in my favourite teapot to sleep but smelt something odd. When I was about to peek out of the teapot, she saw me stand up in the teapot. Abruptly, I hid myself from the sight but could not wait anymore because the smell had bothered me. So, I climbed out of the teapot and followed the smell.



Sniffing, sniffing… Until what I found! I saw a gaint something in front of me. I had not seen it before on my mum’s desk. Out of curiosity, I inspected around that but the source of smelling was found in vain. I looked up and wondered what there was and climbed abit. Hey. I discovered the interesting source.image
Mun, what is this? Sniffing and tasted it. Eeewww. I refused to go up anymore because the taste is very weird. She just told me it was the maggi curry noodle with the egg. Curry?!? Puking. I hate curry.


Hello, My name is Peek. I am adopted by Lisa.

ImageLisa, my adoptive mother aka the main author, gave me a permission to post at her blog. I love you, mum. I am excited to write about my life and this is my first post. Oh no. I forget to introduce myself. My mother gave me “Peek” because I love to peek sneakily and she could not see me sometimes because of my camouflage hair. I am very happy to have this name (Do I look smart in this photo?) Squeaky. I am black long-haired branded. I hate long hair because it is troublesome to groom my tangled hair and sometimes, it catch with sticky food or tissue. Unfortunately, I inherited the gene from my real parents. Mum combs my hair once a week and trim it if necessary. I was born in Octobtor 2010 and should be 1 year and 4 months old now. It is pleasure to write about my life. Dear readers, if you are interested to know about me, stay tune or follow this blog.

Start to exercise

Today, I jogged for 15mins only. 15mins?? I feel it is not enough, i admit.  I am just the amateur jogger who exercise once or two a month. It is a reason of why I have a lack of confidence and self-motivation. Why do I feel this way? Because I work and work and WORK. It has gradually affected my health, physic and mentality. My job has unfixed schedule which i work in different shifts, I can’t catch up with my fixedly exercise route along my work. I am always exhausted mentally and physically after the work.

Thus, starting to re-vamp this blog, I was trying to complete “Breaking the ice barrier” post but my mind went blank and left it only 200 words as the draft. Because I have not written a lengthy article (more than 500words) for many months and it has became redundant. Oh Gosh! It is a good time to polish it up to make sure it would shine. Good news, i just applied the journalism course through online after my research on the course and the feedback. I notice the journalism course require the serious commitment and more practices.

By the way, i really learnt much from the journalism course. Cool. Oh yes, jogging has made me vigilant well. =D

Recieving the rejection is not meant to be a pain but is that you would recieve an unexpected blessing.

Second Edition: Additional Information

During my spare time at the library where I habitually hang out, I read the interesting article of Writer’s Digest dated Feb 2011 that is ” Saving the Rejects” by Sue Fliess. The author called the seller for purchasing the bulky of lollipops but the company informed her that they were selling the rejected lollipops. She was mulling over buying the unwanted goods while she verified with the company if they had been damaged, rotten or what else. The returned goods were rejected from other consumer for various reasons without damaging them. They were taken care well.  It taught me to appreciate the rejections for positive reasons. At the restaurant, an untouched dish was rejected for various reasons and was returned to the kitchen. The staffs were happy to share this with everyone in the kitchen because the rejected dish was quite costly. Some shops sell the rejected items at lower price to clear the stock or avoid the expiry date arrangement. Yes, these shops receive the blessing – profit rather than labeling them as the wastage cost.

Apart from this, the issue of romantic relationship is quite complicated to be understood. I am not good at advising to people who have love problems. It does not mean that I am suck in my love life but every story of every couple is very unique to themselves. Applying this principle helps us to accept patiently and heal ourselves.  Some face the rejections from a person they are in love with and would be shattered down. If you want badly to be with someone you are in love with, put your hope LOWER and be strong to tell her/him. If she/he feels uncomforted or  is forced to be your partner, the happiness would not be lasted. You got the rejection from her/him and I believe you would get a good blessing soon.Who know you would meet a better person. Best Endeavour.

Hello again

Dear my readers, This blog has been abandoned for many months, getting and getting dull. Today, I am trying to retrieve it alive again and revamped the blogskin. I feel skeptical on my writing skill but I can use what I have. =D Finally, I have a full access of internet in my hand so that I can post my article. Yeah. I have been brainstorming about writing the new article in 2012.

The Art Of Relaxation

When the long-term problems come around me, I am worried without thinking properly. Hence I am going nuts. As a young adult, I could say it is tough to be “going to be adult”. The main problems are health, facing a new fear, financial management, career, relationship, and etc. It is a rat race city I live. Thanks to my new knowledge in economics, aspect of the humanitarian. It has helped me to understand better around us. It is high standard of living and rapid changes in the country.  When I am pre-ouppied deeply, I would have forgotten how to cool down or relax. Gradually, it is aging ( Of course getting a wrinkle line too).

How to manage the such pressure/stress:

physical exercise It helps you to release the tension and start to think PROPERLY. You would e more alerted after the session of exercising. It also simulate the level of thinking skill.

Creative activities: You may bring your kids or young to an art event included the painting or kiting. You would be perked up after working out with the kids.

Progressive Relation is to sketching your body.

Autogenic Training is something that you have to command your tensed body to break down. It reminds me of Buddhism’s dharma teaching and chakras.

Mediation is an effective in creating a state of relaxation. It promotes the level of th concentration. Daily prayer is one of types of the mediation. When you are seeking God’s presence, you would focus on it with your mind. After the prayer you would feel better.

Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

This is a two-palm-size plate of grilled stingray fillet.

location: Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Road
Price: From $10 to $30 for ala carte menus. For Asian buffet, it should be 26plus dollar.

Mostly, Sambal sauce (Malay spicy sauce) is on the top of the grilled string ray on the banana foliage. but I requested the sambal sauce on the side. The stingray meat is soft and very thick. It costed me $17 included a bowl of Nasi Lemak Rice and a small bowl of cold spicy salad. It is really worth because the meat is very fresh and it is the reasonable size. Enjoy Nibbling!

Daniel and Ana (Film)

Daniels and Ana ( International Film)

Rate: 4 of 5

Genre: Based on true story but not documentary. It is R21 that stands for Restriction age of 21 and above.

Additional information for the reason of R21: accumulated minutes of having incestuous intercourse is estimated 20mins. (Notice: they are just actors, not family members in the film)

Looking at her own beauty, Ana made a content decision on her choice of her wedding grown. She was called that her finance, Rafa, was offered a job in Spain which they would have to settle in Spain together after their wedding. She did not wish to leave her family.  Meanwhile, Daniel was having a private moment with his girlfriend. He felt unsatisfied in the session.

He trained jogging with his sister, Ana together in a high spirit as he had registered for a triathlon. Both of them had a strong bond and a very little clash of their own interests since their contented childhood. After Ana’s purchase of some books at a bookstore, she and Daniel were having a brotherly conversation in their car alone. Abruptly, two armed men stormed in the car without the owner’s invitation and commanded the shocked victims to pull down at a quiet spot. The kidnappers drove their car to an unknown house after the siblings were in the bonnet of the car.

Daniel and Ana were forced to do something which would shatter everything. What happened to that?

My personal review:

This film is made to convey a message of the victims in Mexico and Latin America. There is a constant rise in illegal pornography on the internet. Many teenagers and young adults  are kidnapped and forced to perform a sexual session in front of the eye of the camera. Main reason is  profitability.

I am very impressed with the design on the poster. In the film poster, a brother and a sister are about to kiss in upside down position. It means that the close intimate would cause their world upside down. Daniel looked so innocent as he was a teenager. His hair shade his face to hide his desire. Ana was very matured and beautiful as she was elder and was about to get married.  Rate of the poster is 4 of 5. It is really creative pose that conveys a message well and succinct.

After the incest forced intercourse, Daniel’s academic performance gradually became poor and he lost his interests/hobbies. He gave up his training. It is a sign of the major depression if he did not attend a therapy session. In the film, he made up his mind not to go the session. Hence, he made a hurtful action.

Martial factor: a wife will lose her martial pride anytime if she did not trust fully her own husband on account of a structure of their spirituality in the marriage.

A psychology factor: For Daniel’s view, his first incestuous intercourse lingered in his mind for a long time. It would ignite his desire more. Hence, he made a first move to do that to his sister without a consent. From this, he felt more secured as he was very closer to his sister for many years than his girlfriend because he could not confide in his girlfriend fully unlike a sister.

In the fact, many men are not good at admitting their mistakes or desires unless they trust fully someone.

The Last Days of Emma Blank (Film)

Rate: 3 of 5
Genre: Sexual content, drama and partly slice of a life
Source: Dutch

Plot: Emma Blank, a house owner, awaited her death and would leave her inheritance to her household staffs as she had no family. Haneveld, a head housekeeper, had a motive of serving her for gaining the inheritance. Attempting to curry a favour with Emma Blank, he forced other staffs to serve her very well without a sincerity. His daughter, Gonnie, never felt happy under the same roof as a maid. She faced more difficulties of having Meier who was deeply in love with, harsh speeches from her own father, higher expectation from the master, less privacy.

In the middle of the film, Emma Blank announced that she had no asset to pass down to the disrespectful servants. All of the staffs gave up of serving their master and started to live on their own without the command from the master. They ignored the moan from her, leaving her lying on the ground. She was really dying.

In the viewpoint of Gonnie, she never wanted to do what they had done. She decided to move out of the household without saying a farewell to them.

Review: Gonnie is a main character in the film. It is kinda a slice of life. I think the fim tried to show how a teenage lives under the harsh condition of a large country house in countryside.

“Lingua Franca” is a new lesson for me to learn.

As I read a borrowed magazine calling “English Today” dated on June 2008, I have learnt more about Lingua Franca. Lingua Franca is a human language that allow everyone from around the world to communicate each other in regardless of their ethic. It is known as a working language or bridge language. Hence, English Language is considered as an international language. 

According to the article of English as the official working language in ASEAN, there is a debate much about the usage of English language in among the Asian people. Those days, some native-speaking countries prefer to use their own mother tongue to communicate with other representatives at the assemble as they had become freshly members of the union. Much later, they gradually accepted to speak English Language.

Having a good dinner, I noticed that my hearing friends were speaking in the mixture of languages. Curiously, I asked them if they used Singlish or broken English. (Singish is the mixture of English language and major native languages. Broken English is that some English errors in speaking or writing.) They answered that they used mixtures! Not fully English Language.