Introduction is a basic or elementary work of instruction, reference. I made up my mind to put the introduction in my blog because this is for public viewing and content should have been expressed well for the general readers. Please be gently reminded that I, the sole writer of ‘A Little Cottage’ blog, am not an expert in some fields but would like to either share or pour out my thoughts/interests. Sources in some posts such as Wikiepdia and Yahoo Answer would have been added  as they have supported to the articles/topics I write. Additionally, I respect the sources as I do not practise a plagiarism.

Why do I create this blog instead of my own journal book? This is because I want to practise my writing skill and thinking skill at same time and this motivates me to constantly write. Typing skill too!! I have realised that I type faster than I write. It is quite odd for me.

Categories I created personally are partial my interests and partial my knowledges. 
“a worm on book” is to inform about books I have read. 
“Economics Theories” is to summarise what I have learnt. It is the standard of “A” level. (Currently, I learn how to properly write an essay in the field)
“English Language Myth” is a language in the conversation of the urban society.  I admit that English Language was my weakest subject for 15 years because I suffered from dyslexia with hearing impairment. Now, I am doing well on this language. 
“Facts and philosophy in everyday life” is a current affair/development and even life lessons.
“Fill in your stomach with wonders” is about dining as my hobby. I like to comment what I eat but depend on my busy schedule. Sadly, I have no camera to take a photo on delicious food!
“General Visual Art” is related to a film, an art exhibition etc.
“Quotation” is a good sentence you will live up to.
“Theory of General Psychology” is my interest but I am not expertise.

“Word Power” is a new word I learned.

My commend of English Language is not prefect at all time if you have spotted my English Language errors. I am trying my best to nurture it with an appreciation. In the case, you might get misconception on my articles. I assume that my articles are not accurate more or less as I am going through errors and trails. I do not care how many I have made errors at my blog. No shame of myself! =D I admit that my spelling skill is not strong enough and turn to rely on the spelling-check from this website! I am not fond of the narrative writings but sometimes, I add some narrative parts to spice up a post. 

I have read and re-read to verify an error in every post before publishing it publicly. You may have noticed that some posts have “Second Edition”. It does mean that I edited them twice, depending on reasons such additional information or omission.

Thank you for reading my own introduction.

(Personal message: Sometimes, i read and re-read a non-published post but turn it into draft and left it collecting dust! because I am busy or afraid of making some mistakes but at least, I should constantly write as it improves the mentioned skills.)


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