My Lunch at Benten Cafe

A lunch promotion at the Benten Cafe caught my eyes when i was passing by. It was so cheap than i thought. It is Japanese Western and partial Japanese Cuisine A set of soup of the day, main course, dessert of the day and a drink at just $9.90. My lunch set was Salmon and Kimchi (Korean spicy cabbage) pasta in soup, lime juice, milestone soup and mini macha parfait ($2 top up dessert). Without the top up dessert, you get a small scoop of strawberry. Yummy. The soup of the day was just average and did not satisfy my individual  taste as it has no strong taste of tomato. The main course was nice and heavenly. The dark spaghetti were good quality and quite crispy. The clear soup from the main course were pleasant and good. The topping on the main course is dried seaweeds. From the macha parfait, the ice cream of green tea was made of green tea powder with cream. It was delightful. I am crazy about that green tea ice cream but i do not like green tea syrup on the dessert. It was served with a piece of peach and a spoon of crispy corn flakes. Benten Cafe’s  Menus are pasta in soup, baked rice, baked curry rice, curry rice, beef hamburger, pasta in sauce and various creative desserts included toppings, fruits and pudding (from small to big). Also, it has appetizers and salad availability.

Value: Less than $30 (estimated on main course) Less than $20 for dessert.

Service: 2 of 5

Quality of food and beverage: 3.5 of 5

Where to find: Jurong Point Shopping Centre 1, #03-20/20A