My Dinner At Marché

Marché at 313 @ Somerset at first level.

Food Cuisine: Swiss/European

Value: 10 to 50 dollar exclude service charge and GST. If you want to eat every “bazaar” stall, it will charge you 80 dollar.

Service: 4 of 5. The staffs served us, hearing impaired people well.

My dining partner and i walked fast and fast toward the Marché restaurant as we were very hungry and have a taste for European cuisine. We were greeted and guided by a host in Swiss traditional dress. Its location is a good selection because it is the place with high human traffic. But i do not like overcrowded places. Its peak hour is estimated between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Luckily, we came before the peak hour. The traditional design of the restaurant is very interesting place where you had not seen before if you never go to rural in Europe. It is like countryside and built everything in wood. A wagon, animal and people dummies, farmers’ wooden chair and table, wooden bench, wooden wine barriers, built-in cottage, wooden stalls and even wooden playground. The place is like bazaar. You can walk around many stalls and choose a food menu and present an electronic card which is to store total accrued amount. Before leaving the food bazaar, you will make a payment at cashier counter with the card. It can be more fun and interesting activity for you but watch what you spend. Without knowing how much, you will flash the card many times and in the end, the shock bill will slap you.  

I wished to bring a camera but it was not. I started to be engrossed every different dish at every bazaar stall. Rosti ( Fried Swiss potato, my favourite) at one stall. Creamy soups and Swiss bread at another stall, Grilled Steak at another stall, Pizza at another stall, Pasta at another stall, market stall which is selling fresh vegetables, Dessert at another stall. Oh yes, I saw one of the dessert was made with Bailey creamy liquor!!! Too bad, i never ate it as my tummy was full.

I ordered a small bowl of creamy mushroom with a piece of sliced swiss bread, a 0.3ml glass of german beer and a half-dozen of raw oysters. That was my small meal. The german beer is better than Tiger and Heineken beer. It is made of old wheat, old barley and other good ingredients and is stored for long period. It forms a strong aroma and taste. The bread is thick and rich. Not like local bread. Creamy mushroom soup is thick too. Good taste.

I will visit the restaurant again and will make a big meal there. Perhaps, it will be another branch, Vivco City one.