My Tea Break at Food For Thought Cafe

Service: 4 of 5

Value: $3 to $20. Exclude GST charge and no service charge, not bad!

Style: modern plain and young design. Its building is actually irregular shape, little straight recentangle and abstract of horizontal and vertical.

I strolled leisurely to a cafe at a second branch of Singapore Art Museum, Q8. An interesting name of the cafe is “Food for Thought”. I thought it was a slang message but it turned to be its name. It sounds funny but more interesting and quite meaningful. I love the cafe! I like to be a regular customer of the cafe! A waiter greeted me more friendly and wonderful even I am hearing impaired. I was informed friendly that food service was not available for a while but beverage and cakes were still available. I just wanted a drink and a piece of cake only, not food menu. He gave out a relief. I chose a table which is built-in as a booth against the celiling-to-floor glass of the building. It is nice to view there. I chose it because it has a good view and i needed a power supply from a socket.

You can make yourself at the cafe as a home. You can enjoy read a browsed books from the cafe or purchase a sale item such as a frame, a mug and etc. Nice tables and Chairs. Nice transparent cups. Nice stools. Nice built-in shelves. My apologise. I am tired to think of secondary/descriptive words of “nice”.

I ordered a homemade lemon tea drink (my favourite!) and a piece of homemade cheese cake. Bottom of the cake is quite hard but taste thick due to more residue of cheese or something and top of the cake (2/3) is very soft and quite light. The drink costed me 3.50 dollar and the piece of the cake cost me 6 dollar. It is worth of money and good taste!