Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

This is a two-palm-size plate of grilled stingray fillet.

location: Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Road
Price: From $10 to $30 for ala carte menus. For Asian buffet, it should be 26plus dollar.

Mostly, Sambal sauce (Malay spicy sauce) is on the top of the grilled string ray on the banana foliage. but I requested the sambal sauce on the side. The stingray meat is soft and very thick. It costed me $17 included a bowl of Nasi Lemak Rice and a small bowl of cold spicy salad. It is really worth because the meat is very fresh and it is the reasonable size. Enjoy Nibbling!


My Lunch at Liu San, Taiwanese Delicacies

Liu San
No.1  Jalan Anak Bukit #01-09
Bukit Timah Plaza (Visited)

Second branch: Blk 46 Holland Drive #01-359 (Not visited yet)

Cuisine: Taiwanese
Price: $4 to $20 (Dessert: $3.80 to $5)
Service: 4.5 of 5 (That lady is very amiable)
Remark: Non Halal, Not suitable for Vegetarian

Something woke me up on my bed in the late afternoon and the mother wondered if i wanted to have a bowl of oyster noodle. I had not eaten the Taiwanese bowl for almost 3 years! I thought that the recommended dish had the same taste and wanted to decline but was very hungry from being a sleeping log. At Bukit Timah plaza, I looked at the cafe and asked the mother if she was sure that was one. It was the miscommunication between me and the mother over a link of the bowl of oyster bowl! I had thought we would eat at “food street” place which was more like a kiosk in the designated way.  -_-”’ (This animated punctuation is cute. haha) The restaurant’s style is likely to be Taiwanese and half Zen, (Element colours are black and brown mostly). There are black wooden tables and chairs in Zen style and shape of square. The eating and serving utensils are beautiful and again Zen style. (Excuse me, my knowledge in Asian style is quite average although I am Asian.) The servers are very friendly and positive well. Personally, one of them was shocked that I am well-literate, intelligent and beautiful as she acknowledged me as a hearing impaired customer. -_-. Because she is China-nation. You have no idea that i forget that i am deaf already as deafness does not matter to me.

In this photo, a mug of chilled soya bean milk, a big bowl of handmade vermicelli (thinner noodle than other noodles) with oysters and a small bowl of Taiwanese steamed rice.

I ordered another bowl of Chinese Herbal Soup (not included in the photo as it was served late.) and an Herbal Jelly with Ice Cream plus honey. The oyster vermicelli is really authentic and very soft. The oyster are so fresh and meaty! Its size is about a local 50 cent. The bean sprouts are very fresh and in abundant! Gravy is nice and yummy. Cost is unknown (i forget to read the price) The steamed rice is heavenly. It has many mushrooms (I am mushroom eater, i mean lover). Cost is $4.80 The soup is super delicious. It is very clear and light taste (numb tongue!) unlike my own cooking (sediment and dense). Cost is $6.50 The dessert is modern and creative. Herbal jelly with ICE CREAM, nice? Maybe, i do not like many modern tastes. Cost is $4.80 (if i am wrong). The chilled soya bean milk is homemade and mouth-watering. Do you understand what “chilled” and “iced” are? The chilled drink is not added the ices otherwise it will lose tastes. Its smell is like brown rice. Cost is $2.30. The lunch made my day bright! Merry Dining.

My High Tea at Goodwood Hotel, Coffee Lounge

Goodwood Hotel
Coffee Lounge

Value: S$24++ for Buffet (i forget actual price)

Service: 3 of 5
It is quite high standard but when the cafe is too busy, the speed of service may be slower or less responsive. However, it is very friendly.

Food Taste: 3 of 5
Various dishes. Laska is nice and Mee Siam is ok. Dim Sum is really heavenly. I notice there are no pork/lard on serve. I am wondering if it has a certificate of Halal. perhaps,if i am wrong,

Goodwood Park Hotel’s building is admirable and classy. Inside the building is more elegant. I am glad that the building is preserved well instead of being demolished. It is nice to relax there and have a good scenario.

My apologise for this incomplete post as i need to clear a box of drafts.

My Lick at Udders Ice Cream and Frolick

West Mall
Udders Ice Cream
Website: www.udders.com.sg
Value: S$4.90 to S$15 (there are 3 types of quality – Classic, Premium and Connoisseur)

I walked excitedly to an ice cream kiosk and was shocked that they are selling alcohol ice cream and Durian 24 ice cream.  I requested for some samples of selected ice creams I chose a scoop of Bailey and Bourdon ice cream (in this photo) which contains high alcohol because i have a craving for Bailey liquor. Its taste is quite bitter and creamy. Mango Sorbet is smooth and nice.  I like to buy a pint of alcohol ice cream (Martini Lyhcee or Bailey & Bourdon). Many laughable cartoons are printed on tables.

Holland Village
241 Holland Avenue #01-02
Website: www.frolick.com.sg
Value: S$3.70 to S$10

There are 2 types of yogurt ice cream – original and flavoured

I had a biggest cup of lyhcee yogurt ice cream. I think Yanz is better than this because it has good quality of taste and good dense. Frolick yoghurt is quite watery and diluted taste. But Frolick has many flavours and creative designs. There are more nice toppings.

I am lazy to proofread here.

My Tea Break at Food For Thought Cafe

Service: 4 of 5

Value: $3 to $20. Exclude GST charge and no service charge, not bad!

Style: modern plain and young design. Its building is actually irregular shape, little straight recentangle and abstract of horizontal and vertical.

I strolled leisurely to a cafe at a second branch of Singapore Art Museum, Q8. An interesting name of the cafe is “Food for Thought”. I thought it was a slang message but it turned to be its name. It sounds funny but more interesting and quite meaningful. I love the cafe! I like to be a regular customer of the cafe! A waiter greeted me more friendly and wonderful even I am hearing impaired. I was informed friendly that food service was not available for a while but beverage and cakes were still available. I just wanted a drink and a piece of cake only, not food menu. He gave out a relief. I chose a table which is built-in as a booth against the celiling-to-floor glass of the building. It is nice to view there. I chose it because it has a good view and i needed a power supply from a socket.

You can make yourself at the cafe as a home. You can enjoy read a browsed books from the cafe or purchase a sale item such as a frame, a mug and etc. Nice tables and Chairs. Nice transparent cups. Nice stools. Nice built-in shelves. My apologise. I am tired to think of secondary/descriptive words of “nice”.

I ordered a homemade lemon tea drink (my favourite!) and a piece of homemade cheese cake. Bottom of the cake is quite hard but taste thick due to more residue of cheese or something and top of the cake (2/3) is very soft and quite light. The drink costed me 3.50 dollar and the piece of the cake cost me 6 dollar. It is worth of money and good taste!

My Dinner At Marché

Marché at 313 @ Somerset at first level.

Food Cuisine: Swiss/European

Value: 10 to 50 dollar exclude service charge and GST. If you want to eat every “bazaar” stall, it will charge you 80 dollar.

Service: 4 of 5. The staffs served us, hearing impaired people well.

My dining partner and i walked fast and fast toward the Marché restaurant as we were very hungry and have a taste for European cuisine. We were greeted and guided by a host in Swiss traditional dress. Its location is a good selection because it is the place with high human traffic. But i do not like overcrowded places. Its peak hour is estimated between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Luckily, we came before the peak hour. The traditional design of the restaurant is very interesting place where you had not seen before if you never go to rural in Europe. It is like countryside and built everything in wood. A wagon, animal and people dummies, farmers’ wooden chair and table, wooden bench, wooden wine barriers, built-in cottage, wooden stalls and even wooden playground. The place is like bazaar. You can walk around many stalls and choose a food menu and present an electronic card which is to store total accrued amount. Before leaving the food bazaar, you will make a payment at cashier counter with the card. It can be more fun and interesting activity for you but watch what you spend. Without knowing how much, you will flash the card many times and in the end, the shock bill will slap you.  

I wished to bring a camera but it was not. I started to be engrossed every different dish at every bazaar stall. Rosti ( Fried Swiss potato, my favourite) at one stall. Creamy soups and Swiss bread at another stall, Grilled Steak at another stall, Pizza at another stall, Pasta at another stall, market stall which is selling fresh vegetables, Dessert at another stall. Oh yes, I saw one of the dessert was made with Bailey creamy liquor!!! Too bad, i never ate it as my tummy was full.

I ordered a small bowl of creamy mushroom with a piece of sliced swiss bread, a 0.3ml glass of german beer and a half-dozen of raw oysters. That was my small meal. The german beer is better than Tiger and Heineken beer. It is made of old wheat, old barley and other good ingredients and is stored for long period. It forms a strong aroma and taste. The bread is thick and rich. Not like local bread. Creamy mushroom soup is thick too. Good taste.

I will visit the restaurant again and will make a big meal there. Perhaps, it will be another branch, Vivco City one.

A cup of coffee and wrap for my day


I had a good day. I chose mayo egg, fried green, red and yellow peppers, olives, shaved cheese, lettcus, tomato in a wrap at O’brean. I like Ob’rean cafe more than Subway. It is because it is very fresh and give you more choice of food items unlike Subway. But it costs more than subway.

At TCC cafe, I started to eat it and realised i should take a photo of the dish first. I ordered a Chocolate Affogatto (espresso) as i am addicted to the espresso. This drink menu is nice one. Chips chocolate ice cream will melt with espresso on your taste bud. I think i like more TCC than coffee club. Many dishes/drinks are creative and give you a nice taste.

My Lunch at Lotus Restaurant of Quality Hotel

This is Lotus Restaurant at Quality Hotel, 201 Balestier Road Singapore 329926
Tel: (65)6355 9988  Fax: (65) 6255 0998

Service: 2.3 of 5

Value: Steamboat buffet costs you 22dollar plus.

Taste: 3.5 of 5

Cuisine: Chinese vegetarian

The restaurant serve the vegetarian steamboat on weekday excluded friday. It is common to see some Buddha monks and nuns dining there. In 2005, I had dined in there. The taste was very strong and heavenly. It had good aroma which was made of a heavy amount of chinese herbs. But, now, the taste is much different. The additional base soup is spicy (tom yam) and the herbal soup has light taste. I prefer the old taste of the herbal soup. I am chinese herbal soup lover since i was a child (my little sister hated the bitter herbal soup and often gave it to i who is willing to drink for her!) I know it is not usual that a young love to drink the bitter herbal soup. Then i am rare person. Back to the food. I picked more amount of assorted mushrooms than other food items. I love mushroom so much. You cook the mushroom in the herbal soup, it will be wonderful smell and heavenly taste. =)

Do you know what do “mock meats” mean? Heard of Mock Mutton, Mock Chicken and etc.In the fact, they are mostly made of soy and produced a “meat” shape so that it appears like a real meat. Never seen of them before? Then shop at the supermarket and find them.

A dessert is sweet nicely. Some of the desserts (cakes) contain no egg. I never tried them before because i was too full to eat them. vegetarian Sushi are quite interesting. Its taste is light.

For my blood type, i eat vegetables frequently. That’s why i feel happy after eating them. For Blood Type A, its dietary is usually vegetables, wheat, soy but less dairy and less meat. For Blood Type B, its dietary is more red meat and dairy and less soy, white meat and vegetables. I do not learn more about Blood Type O and AB yet.

My supper at Republic of Steak

The restuarant of Victora Hotel is next to 7 eleven shop. Address: 87 Victoria Street

Rate: 5 of 5

Service: 4 of 5

Value: $10dollar and above. No GST and Service Charge. Worth

One for oneI ordered 4 food items – cowgirl ribeye steak, cowboy sirlon steak, a basket of garlic bread and a soup. Cowboy sirloin steak is weighed 280gm cost at only 15dollarplus. Cowgirl ribeye is weighed 180gm cost at 14dollar plus. My selected side dishes are onion rings and mashed potato. They are homemade. The sirloin steak is juicy and the ribeye is quite crispy.Delicious. The soup is also homemade and really good creamy! I will come there again.

Dinner Buffet at Fiesta Brasilia

Fiesta Brasilia is a causal restaurant for a brazilian cuisine.

Service Rate: 4 of 5

Food Rate: 4.5 of 5

Value: 60 Dollar and above. Dinner buffet costs me $44.85 nett, i think.

I was greeted surprise with my dining partner by the cheerful waiter. The waitress offered me a hand when i carried a sauce bottle. The design of the restaurant is quite nice and causal. Black wall. yellow thick tissue that is used to lie on your lap. culinary are nice design and heavy metal. You need to choose salad, hot vegetable, seafood and rice buffet on your own. Mussles are fresh and cooked with the special gravy. You can try brazilian rice. Apple and eggplant in a dish has sweet taste. Ice cream are very thick and taste like homemade. However, the server will display various meats on a long metal stick for you to choose at your table. It is quite enjoyable and amazing to be served by the meat carrier. The various meats are gizzard (meaty), lamb leg (good), beef ( wonderful taste), cod ( thick, fresh and meaty, actually grilled), chicken breast and wing (quite spicy),ribs ( i dont dare to eat), sausage ( fresh and homemade) , honey pineapple ( very nice and juicy), bacon with chicken breast (chuny) and ham (taste like homemade). I felt comfort and relax there. It is quite memorable.

You can try Brazilian cocktail and main course (not buffet).

Apologise if my writing is quite messy as i am in rush.