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Recieving the rejection is not meant to be a pain but is that you would recieve an unexpected blessing.

Second Edition: Additional Information

During my spare time at the library where I habitually hang out, I read the interesting article of Writer’s Digest dated Feb 2011 that is ” Saving the Rejects” by Sue Fliess. The author called the seller for purchasing the bulky of lollipops but the company informed her that they were selling the rejected lollipops. She was mulling over buying the unwanted goods while she verified with the company if they had been damaged, rotten or what else. The returned goods were rejected from other consumer for various reasons without damaging them. They were taken care well.  It taught me to appreciate the rejections for positive reasons. At the restaurant, an untouched dish was rejected for various reasons and was returned to the kitchen. The staffs were happy to share this with everyone in the kitchen because the rejected dish was quite costly. Some shops sell the rejected items at lower price to clear the stock or avoid the expiry date arrangement. Yes, these shops receive the blessing – profit rather than labeling them as the wastage cost.

Apart from this, the issue of romantic relationship is quite complicated to be understood. I am not good at advising to people who have love problems. It does not mean that I am suck in my love life but every story of every couple is very unique to themselves. Applying this principle helps us to accept patiently and heal ourselves.  Some face the rejections from a person they are in love with and would be shattered down. If you want badly to be with someone you are in love with, put your hope LOWER and be strong to tell her/him. If she/he feels uncomforted or  is forced to be your partner, the happiness would not be lasted. You got the rejection from her/him and I believe you would get a good blessing soon.Who know you would meet a better person. Best Endeavour.

The Art Of Relaxation

When the long-term problems come around me, I am worried without thinking properly. Hence I am going nuts. As a young adult, I could say it is tough to be “going to be adult”. The main problems are health, facing a new fear, financial management, career, relationship, and etc. It is a rat race city I live. Thanks to my new knowledge in economics, aspect of the humanitarian. It has helped me to understand better around us. It is high standard of living and rapid changes in the country.  When I am pre-ouppied deeply, I would have forgotten how to cool down or relax. Gradually, it is aging ( Of course getting a wrinkle line too).

How to manage the such pressure/stress:

physical exercise It helps you to release the tension and start to think PROPERLY. You would e more alerted after the session of exercising. It also simulate the level of thinking skill.

Creative activities: You may bring your kids or young to an art event included the painting or kiting. You would be perked up after working out with the kids.

Progressive Relation is to sketching your body.

Autogenic Training is something that you have to command your tensed body to break down. It reminds me of Buddhism’s dharma teaching and chakras.

Mediation is an effective in creating a state of relaxation. It promotes the level of th concentration. Daily prayer is one of types of the mediation. When you are seeking God’s presence, you would focus on it with your mind. After the prayer you would feel better.

My Woes on Education

I have remorsefully made regrettable choices on educational path. I am in early 20s now and yet, it is a stagnation (I learned a new word from my talkative friend.) . I have delayed two years of educational plan on account of those bitter and fruitless troubles between my teenagerhood and adulthood. I suppose to take “A” level (Some people are against my wishes) but found out about the opinions from the forum. From these posts in the forum, “A” level which might be worthless for the potential employment is just a certificate PAPER (most of A level students insisted that).

My reasons of taking A level is to enter University, to have an international recognition and to have a penance, that is equivalent to previously heartbroken and wasted times, at same time. Polytechnic Diploma is only valued by the local employment of the competitive companies in the rapid-pacing developed country. The meaning of “polytechnic” is a school or other institution in which instruction in technical subjects is given. In a comparison to private institutions, they provide many useful courses that many polytechnic have not adopted and the courses can be completed for less than one and half years unlike the three years courses included internship and holidays in polytechnic. One big disadvantage for me is the rejection on these with hearing impairment from the private education sector. Two reasons of dropping out from the diploma in business administration course is not suitable for my interest and to re-study what I used to work in an administrative office.

One case I have learnt from my friend, former polytechnic student is about his fallen career. He worked as a manager in government body but was retrenched during the bad economy. He is unable to find another similar position in private sectors. What are the reasons of failing to find the jobs in PRIVATE SECTORS? Many of the private companies (mostly SMEs – small and medium size) do not want to hire these candidates who worked once in the government body on account of the political systems and a fear of corruptions being revealed. Additionally, many of the private companies hire handicapped people regardless their education qualifications as they are able to hide the corruptions in “mis” communications. (oopz. I assume this passage is quite digressed from the topic.) 

Getting a degree must be once in my life – my main goal. Of course, I am currently juggling working and studying. Earning experiences and studying at same time might be beneficial for my age. Advantages of having a degree are the international recognitions, high chance to immigrate another country, to be a writer, high ability of joining an international organisation and an improvement of an intellect. For employment, it is pretty hard because most companies prefer candidates with a background of technical-based field to candidates with a background of academic. Let’s say 35% of managerial positions are degree holders only.

I recall one dentist with a doctrine certificate, whom I visited for check-up, wrote in broken English to me. I guess she spent mostly her times on patients’ teeth without brushing her redundant skills up. How worth is it? It is a complacency without an appreciation. I am still researching on it.

I just got enlighted.

I have not been writing a single post and left a few incompleted drafts for many days as my schedule was very tight and I was preoccupied in thoughts and personal problems. Writing a post depends on my frequency mood and affected mind. Nevertheless, I am keeping thinking of publishing my thoughts out but have little interest to do this. If I do not write anything here, I will be as dead as this blog! It affects lightly my state of depression because writing is one of my hobbies.  

I will write a resourceful topic of  “self-heal for mental health” in a next post. I hope I could complete this interesting post without a procrastination.

I have a jitter in writing in PROPER English Language as I have to catch up with these people who write and speak in an increasing standard of  English Language usage. I have heard many people speak or write less Singlish, which is more likely to be slang or mixed languages, and less broken English Language especially I spend my time in a hospitality sector that I have to write properly without getting embarrassed. By the way, I have realised that learning English Language is really easy than I thought.

After writing this, I feel better now. =D Looking forward the next post.

A wise advice from a doctor to a patient

Sipping enjoyingly a glass of chilled barley at a coffee shop, something caught my attention. My mother had something to tell me, waving in the front of me. I turned to attend to her. It was about a case of her friend in a serious medical condition.

Someone from her NKF branch had been tested with a professional blood pressure device by a NKF nurse and the test indicated that his level of the pressure was very high (more than 160mmHg). The nurse had sent him immediately to a hospital for a hospitalization, reporting the test to his doctor. The patient had been given the special medicine by the doctor. The level of the blood pressure were dropped rapidly. After his discharge, he pleaded hopefully his doctor to give him the same medicine but the request was rejected because the medicine may be considered as lethal overdose. He had been disappointed sadly as he had hoped that he would not have to go straight to the hospital and pay a hospitalization bill by taking the medicine. Otherwise, the doctor would be responsible for his patient’s death of overdose. The patient has to consider what the doctor’s concerns are.

Range of High Pressure for Adults
Hypotension                  less than 90mmHg
Normal                             90 to 120 mmHg
Prehpertension             121 to 139 mmHg
Stage 1 Hypertension  140 to 159 mmHg
Stage 2 Hypertension  more than 160 mmHg

Hypotension is a low blood pressure, leading to a coma.
Hypertension is a very high blood pressure, leading to a stroke.

On that day, I walked in to a pharmacy for getting a special cream since I have a skin problem. A pharmacist requested me for a prescription form but I had no prescription. I questioned her why I did need it and learned that the cream consists of high amount of antibiotic and is considered as overdose without an authority. The high amount of the antibiotic may lead you to muilt-complicated conditions.

In bottom line, you have to consider a good advice from a responsbile doctor. If you want to to know more details, ask your doctor to elaborate more instead of being left unanswered.

Be safe rather than sorry.

Why is love intoxicating?

By chance, I saw the good question from Yahoo Question and Answer forum six months ago. I answered it from my wisdom and experience and my answer was given the best rate but the asker chose to delete the question. I want to share it here but I am going to add some points. (I have been pissed off by many women who complaint of their relationship problems without understanding its root, even “tales” men who are building a castle in air.)

Yes, Love is as an infatuation. When you see “special” person,  suddenly, you yearn to be with that person whom you know hardly. It is because you are seeking a solace unconsciously and fall in an indulgence. For instance, you taste a delicious chocolate once and your craving for it is developed at rapid rate. But the excess amount of the chocolate consumption is not healthy.

Probably, falling in love and the infatuation show a small distinction.
You fall in with a person because you THINK that that person is your first love and your most suitable partner. It is totally wrong. Your first love is your own mother who created a love for you when you were born. A spouse should come between your first love and your last love if you have a child. Your parents are suitable partners in a household. Your close friends are your suitable partner in a causal society. Your close colleague is also your suitable partner in a working society. Your close mentor is one in your personal development.

Promising love is like an abusive drug. You taste a pinch of the powdered drug and then become addicted to it. You consume more and more the powdered drug. It is hard to resist the temptation. Hence, you are a unneccessary love abuse. Self-sacrifice for this is less worth than your own happiness. If you are really sacrificing yourself to someone, is it the reason that you want to gain more advantages? Never go against your own will unless you have a good reason.

However, you and someone get to know each other more while at same time, a natural love without a promise between you both is growing inadvertently. You both acknowledge more positive determinants such as level of understanding, degree of respectability, financial security, emotional security, self-identity security, sharing interests, and especially eroticism.

“a man understands a woman well and a woman understands a man well. They are more likely to be life partners.” Sourced from Buddha philosophy.

Romance and love have a different distinction too. Recently, I gained an understanding on romance. Romance is self-indulgent. Love is a sense of security. 
On one of my dates, someone took me to French posh dining.  At  the restaurant, a server gave us a full of friendly and professional attention by greeting warmly, serving us well. I looked at a set of more than ten cutlery and luckily, I have mastered a grooming and etiquette course. Do you think it is really romance? To me, it is ‘no’. Why? Because I had not been feeling comfort and had been stressed when I had to behave well. Like you have to eat a small amount of food slowly without emptying a dish and lay a napkin gently on your lap and give a nod to a wine server with a full attention. I admit that I did not enjoy being given a full of attention mostly from the servers and the man. If you want to feel more romance, it should be to make yourself more homely comfort. If I want to go a posh dining, my reason is to taste a chef’s dish instead of that lifestyle and dating. According to the survey and the interviews, a chef’s purpose of running a posh dining restaurant is to serve his own dishes to a serious diner.

 When you look at a beautiful painting, you feel romance suddenly. Thus, it is kinda self-indulgent and pleasuring without the sense of security. Romance releases you from stress.

A mother gives you a motherly love because she is always worried about your wellbeing and your future. She secures your personal development, identity and your future.

Apart from this. I notice that more women fantasize about love than men are but more men fantasize about sex. Is it because of their hormones level? There is no answer yet.

Be wise in this such relationship.

Exasperation of Some Conversations

How irritating am i? Some people asked me something and then i asked them back why. Their responses are always “nothing”

Example 1:
People: Why are you moody?
Me: Being overwork makes me moody. Why?
People: Nothing
Me: Nothing? what make you to ask me that question?
People do not say anything.
Me get annoyed.

Example 2:
People: Are you hungry?
Me: I am looking forward lunch now. Why?
People: Nothing
Me get annoyed again. I really hate common questions such as “How are you?”.

They show that they are not over-detailed and not wise at all time even though some of them are highly educated. They make me more bored. Damn. So strange. There are not many interesting people in the world. Where are the interesting people?!? Luckily, I am not born to be a fully extrovert person. Otherwise, i will die from the HUGE boredom if my place is filled with uninteresting people. I get bored so easily because i guess i am a big knowlegde-eater. For instance, when you talk about your own guys (your boyfriends, of course) for many months, do you think i am interested to listen to you? I will die if the subject is not changed shortly. Reading resourceful books is better than having a conversation with the uninteresting people. If you meet an author, a musician or an artist, it will be more interesting in a conversation.

When i grow up, i become more academic than before. My main goal is knowledge and philosophy, not my own society and useless love ( lol ).