Who is she?

Something tickled my hair at my back and the feeling startled defensively me from sleeping. I checked what happened around me but it was my mother. She seemed delighted to talk to me.

“Do you remember Angela who visited me at my house long ago? She is too afraid to lift you up.” my mum announced.

“Oh. The angel soared down from the sky to see you at the midnight, didn’t she?” I exclaimed.

“Oh no. It is not the heavenly angel. It is my childhood friend who has the name  – Angela. Every person has a name with a special meaning to remember who she or he is.” she explained lovely.

“I remember that chubby and cute girl who loves K-world. ” I recalled.

“What is K-world?” She asked cluelessly.

“I thought she liked Korean foods, Korean clothing, Korean pop, Korean movies and more.”

“oh yes, She does. She is proud to be your first fan at my blog. She read your posts and enjoyed your stories. She wants to visit your online diary often. Are you happy, my dear?’

The comment shied me away and i tried to hide myself but she took a close look at me.


Sniff… What is this?


Mum put me in my favourite teapot to sleep but smelt something odd. When I was about to peek out of the teapot, she saw me stand up in the teapot. Abruptly, I hid myself from the sight but could not wait anymore because the smell had bothered me. So, I climbed out of the teapot and followed the smell.



Sniffing, sniffing… Until what I found! I saw a gaint something in front of me. I had not seen it before on my mum’s desk. Out of curiosity, I inspected around that but the source of smelling was found in vain. I looked up and wondered what there was and climbed abit. Hey. I discovered the interesting source.image
Mun, what is this? Sniffing and tasted it. Eeewww. I refused to go up anymore because the taste is very weird. She just told me it was the maggi curry noodle with the egg. Curry?!? Puking. I hate curry.

Hello, My name is Peek. I am adopted by Lisa.

ImageLisa, my adoptive mother aka the main author, gave me a permission to post at her blog. I love you, mum. I am excited to write about my life and this is my first post. Oh no. I forget to introduce myself. My mother gave me “Peek” because I love to peek sneakily and she could not see me sometimes because of my camouflage hair. I am very happy to have this name (Do I look smart in this photo?) Squeaky. I am black long-haired branded. I hate long hair because it is troublesome to groom my tangled hair and sometimes, it catch with sticky food or tissue. Unfortunately, I inherited the gene from my real parents. Mum combs my hair once a week and trim it if necessary. I was born in Octobtor 2010 and should be 1 year and 4 months old now. It is pleasure to write about my life. Dear readers, if you are interested to know about me, stay tune or follow this blog.