To Kill A Mockingbird

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Rate: 4 of 5
Genre: Racial injustice, Southern life, Classic America literature, slice-of-life

Summary:  In Maycomb, a sleepy countryside, there were black people living in a border. White people had practised a racial injustice and inequality among the society.

 Scout, the narrator of the book, was 6-years-old daughter of the Finch family and her older brother, Jem, was 4 year older than her. Dill who was betrothed to her lived temporarily in his aunt’s house nearby her house. As the rumor of Boo Radley hiding in the house triggered their curiosity, the trio attempted to peek Radley’s haunting house in dark but they were almost shot by the defensive owner after they made strange noises outside the house. Figuring out who made noises outside the house, everyone in the town thought it was the dog which had disappeared.  Atticus Finch, the Father, suspected that his children had been involved in the troubling activity but he tried to convey something that was highlighting about the society to his own children. The children were not supposed to sneak in Radley’s house since nobody dared to enter. Boo Radley had been hid in the house for the rest of his life in order to get out of the legal shame.

Scout started to wonder what was going on in her town as there were many happenings.

Review: I happened to learn about this title through a recommending list of “The Temptation” book. I have completed this book on 26th Nov. It is suitable for readers with high literacy and those who are interested in literature because it has a complicated language. I am a city woman who has no knowledges what Scout had experienced in the countryside (rural area) and politics and racial injustic. It is really meaningful for me. I guess that author was more wise and knowledgable. She had linked many characters from the book to those people she knew in her life.

The book has two parts – one is the childhood’s play and one is the courthouse and the influence on the children.


Life of Pi

Rate: 4 of 5
Genre: Novel,  slice-of-life

The novel has three parts:- Main character’s childhood, a chronicle of surviving with a tiger and an interview with investigators.

Piscine Molitor Patel, a zookeeper’s son, was thrown away into a life-saver boat from a sinking ship by frightened crews. He thought that they saved his life but turned to be a meal for an escaped tiger! The tiger jumped into the sea and swam toward the boat where the boy was. His family and he had decided to move from their country, India to Canada with some of their zoo animals because of political clashes and poor economy. Travelling to the Canada, the ship had started to sink without a warning.

The sole survivor lived in fear as he was trying to get out of the tiger’s sight and hide under a built-in bench to avoid the tiger’s attacks. Later, a orang-utan and a zebra appeared in the sea and reached the boat by swimming from the sunken ship. Another companion was a hyena which was not easy to be tamed. Herbivore, injured zebra, female, seasick monkey, hungry, wild-like hyena, moody, ignoring tiger and 16-years-old, lonely boy in the same boat. The boy had two choices – be eaten by the tiger or killing it.

Review: after reading this book, it is touching, inspiring and memorable. The author is creative. One interesting thing in it is about a strange island. I am wondering if it does exist. It is the carnivore island. It can kill a human, huh? Because the algae release strong acid in night. Another concept is about animal’s behaviours. They are very definitive. I agree that a tiger is much easy to be tamed. A part of Pi’s childhood is very humorous. A heat agrument of his religious mentors.

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory

Second Edition: I added another part in the review


The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory.

Rate: 4.5 of 5
Genre: Partial History, Partial Romance, Partial Religion. I do not know its actual genre. Please ignore it.

Summary of this book: A daughter of  Queen Isabella I of Castle and King Ferdinand II of Aragon of Spain , Catalina, fifteen, was sent away from her royal family in Spain to England for an arranged marriage which mean that is matchmaking without a bride’s and a groom’s consent. (The arranged marriage is common practice currently in royal family, traditional families and ethic minorities such as tribal groups or Muslim groups in developing countries)  She faced a different culture (Tudor royal line) – different food, different lifestyle, different environment, different politic system, different habits and different practice. With a England king, father-in-law’s insults, how did she face a difficult position alone? She was brought up to be a Queen of England but her first husband died of Sweat (disease) and she became a widow. Her fate of becoming Queen of England was sealed. With her determination and her endurance, she managed to get the title of Monarch for the late husband’s deathbed promise. She faced a poverty and had no friends and no supports of her royal family. The late husband, Arthur’s younger brother, Henry was interested in her. Is there a chance to re-marry the second child of the England King who was intimated with her?

Review: It is really fantastic and engrossing. I guess it is best one among Philippa Gregory’s other books. I am impressed on Princess Catalina and her mother. Princess Catalina is very capable and strong woman. She learnt many things from her mother who wore in royal armour during a battle and was very faithful in a religion but she realised that she and her mother had different views. The mother wiped out all Muslim and Jew scholars who were not following her own faith in order to change the politic after obtaining a land. Those scholars were more intelligent and more knowledgeable than the Christian lords who were more faith in the religion than science and medical theories. Catalina valued the knowledge of science and medicine. They were in sixteenth century. One strange part from that book is about the fake pregnacy. Catalina was told by the English physician that she carried another alive twin after the first dead baby was induced. But she felt nothing in her womb and decided to see Moorish Muslim physician (Philiosopors’ Stone – type of scholars in old time. ). The Muslim physician confirmed that she had no baby in the swollen belly. So odd. The English culture in 16th century was very funny and very queer. You can bath occasionally and change the underwear once half of year. You can not eat raw vegetable otherwise you get sick. It explains why the religion was huge impact than science in everyday life.

A Mouth Trap

Last reading on Nov 3 for this book. “A mouth trap” is by Dr Gary Seire.

Genre: Business Communication, interpersonal communication in social psychology.

Rate: 4.5 of 5

A mouth trap? Interesting topic  then i learn many things from this motivatal book. The book points out common mistakes from real life cases. One real story.

Pieree D’ Pardoreau, histrocial french figure, king’s most trusted councilor was beheaded for making a small mistake on insulting a french Queen. He had never mention who she was in the statement to the reporters after being released from excution. The people thought it referred to the queen and passed the messages to another person until it reached the king heard it and ordered to behead him. So poor guy. What if Pierre D’ Pardoneau is like you? The people will think you are gossip or bad one. The book shows you how to improve a personal and professional communication in a high society. Its contents are

#Decide what you want before opening your mouth

You have to knowledge a problem, cause or reason before opening your mouth. A captain yelled at a staff, ” Why did you make bill 304 payment instead of bill 307?!?” The annoyed staff was about to explain but the captain ignored and apologised to a customer. The staff raised a voice, ” Someone must put the wrong bill. I remember i did not put this.” Another staff came out and announced that he did this.

#Don’t Listen to your voices in your head

You are nervious to attend a interview job. Before going in the office, you talk to yourselve if you think you have low chances to get that post and the interviewer would not hire you because you have no talents. You change your mind and walk away from the waiting room to your house. You have really no confinace in yourselve.

#Death by conversation

A doctor brought his wife, homemaker to his co-worker’s house for a party. The wife talked to the host about the homemade dessert but the husband did not pay attention what they were talking and was pondering on the patient’s health check-up. The wife asked him for his opinions on the dessert but he commented medicially. The issue of making the dessert was not interesting to him.

#Know your audience

You made an anouncement of your friend’s promotion post in front of the friends while she felt embarrassed. After the lunch gathering, She scolded you not to anounce openly about her position and she preferred to keep low profile. Do you understand her well?

#Recipes for Conversing in Even the Most Difficult Situations

You recieve a call and said “hello, this is Fast .. Hold on” but suddenly, you heard the caller hanged up.

#What happen if i am speaking to a big, fat jerk?

You spoke to your boss but the boss shouted loudly at you to talk to him when he was free. The boss was really pressurized badly.

#Coaching Employees from Hell

If you were employer, imgine a elder head waitress failed to follow a new instruction and you warned her. But she did not change her habit.

#Maybe you did’t say a word but your body langusge gives you away.

my most problem!! It affects my career future. You do not say anything to your new neighbour and they will think you are selfish until you make a nice greeting and they realised you are friendly.

#Free yourselve from bad jokes, sidebars and offensiv remarks that lead to troubles.

If you really gossip with other workers, the boss will think you are one cause. Be safe rather than sorry.

#Road Rage on the computer: how to create engaging emails that  get a reponse, not a reaction

A reporter emailed you for a interview appointment but you were stressful and  busy to reponse her/him. You emailed back “I am too busy. Please do not waste my time!!!” It sounds offendsive. How to avoid this way?

#How to recover after you put your foot in your mouth: The art of making apologises

You need to improve your sincere aopology level.

Enjoy reading the book.

Virgin’s Lover

Virgin’s love by Philippa Gregory

Rate: 4.5 of 5

Genre: Romance, Betray, political and partly History accounts.

Summary of the book: After Queen Mary was dead, the title of rulership was passed to Princess Elizabeth who was under house arrest as a suspect of plotting against her half-sister, Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth I was coronated in 1559 while she was still her childhood friend, Robert Dudley’s mistress. Robert’s wife was Amy Dubley whose death was rumored to be murder crime by Queen Elizabeth I’s order and as accidental account due to her chronic illness. Amy seemed to hate Queen Elizabeth I for taking her man from her life but Robert did not love her anymore as his love on Elizabeth was growing. However, Robert’s ambition kept him passion to claim a kingdom by marrying Queen Elizabeth I who realised she did not tolerate his desires although she loved him deeply. Many people protested against the planning marriage of Robert and Elizabeth. She had no choice to determine a marriage proposal to other Duke or prince. On verge of kingdom claim, Robert’s wife was murdered and infamed him on his crime.

It is very fantastic to read it. To utter my surprise, I learnt about the crime Queen Elizabeth and William Cecil made to avoid Robert’s ambition. i did not know Robert had wife, Amy, naïve girl at first. During first year of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, she ordered to remove Catholicism practices and replace Protestantism (Christianity).

The Other Bolyen Girl ( novel and movie)


The bolyen girl (noval/movie)

Rate of the movie: 2.5 of 5

Genre: Romance, Envious, Power, Betrayal and Politic

This title was based on a historicial novel by Phillppa Gregora ( my favourite author). It is very enjoyable to read that book. Imgaine being a women in 1500s. The main character is Mary Bolyen, unknown historic figure and the second one is Anne Bolyen, Queen Elizbeth I’s mother and a first known beheaded queen who was guilty of treasoning, witchcraft and incestous crime.

This is a film that is different much from the novel. It did not follow the novel because it was the projected budget and difficult to follow mostly. The novel is better than the film as the novel tell you more details than the film.