I, Lisa Loh, come from Singapore ( a 100% urbanisation island). I am a hearing impaired lady with a good education. I am born as a Peranakan Chinese, Southeast Asian. My blood line is from Chinese majority, Javanese minority and Caucasian minority. My main interests are psychology, mythology/supernatural, religions, science life, arts, wildlife, pets.

When I read my previous blog, I was amazed by how good my writing was.  I created another blog – ”myhumblejournery” at the URL to continue writing. Let me describe its meaning. “My” does not mean it is about my private life but refers to what I have learnt and what has influenced on my perspectives and philosophy.
“Humble” is a same meaning of ordinary but a profound literal word. I live as a simple person in the City (my country, Singapore is a full urbanisation) but going to be an urban lady from a sub-urban one as I am spending my times in CBD and city area. 
“Journey” is to work to live during your time and do many things that are meaningful for me. I am growing up in different zones such as comfort, pain and hardship. Growing up is quite painful. Look at a 5 years old child. Tell me how innocent the child is. The child is more innocent than the adults!

 I live on my own without a parental support since i was in youth. I have no interest of relying on my family for rest of my life with my disability. In my childhood dream, I desired to be a good explorer.  I am profoundly hearing impaired since I was a baby. In addition, i do not wear any hearing aid because it does not help me at all time but i am responsive to a level of a vibration. (If you hope me to wear the hearing aid, it still does not work for me.) Why does it not work for me?

Let me state clearly. I learnt about the facts of hearing impairment when I was in secondary school (high school). I was high fever with a chronic illness. When your auditory nerves in an inner ear that receive a signal of every sound and convert into a message and sent it to the brain are damaged and unable to recover, you would lose a hearing. See fact   There are no cure in the present.

 Inspired to write; Write to inspire


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