Going out for a while

Finally, I was happy to go out today since I spent a lot of time in staying at home. I went to the science centre for exploring at new and renovated exhibitions. One of them is about the discovery of atomic structure. Looking back to my school life, I remember how the atom is described and managed to score well on the science examination. It was really fun to learn and re-learn the structure of atoms. Another is butterfly close-up exhibition I visited with the $10 ticket. I thought there would be a lot of different butterflies but turned out that the butterfly garden at Changi Airport has MORE butterflies than this exhibition. And it is free admission if you enter in the transit of Changi airport. I think it is not worth to visit the butterfly close-up for just $10.

The dinner was the traditional chicken rice claypot. I had not eaten this for very long time already. I was satisfied with this long-lost taste.

6 minutes passed by. End.

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