Yohgurt seems working

I had still diarrhoea for 4 days straight already. After I ate 2 bowls of strawberry yoghurt and ate my proper meal, the diarrhoea seemed to be stopped in the early evening. Only I have a lot of gases to pass out. It is really relieved because I was worried about my health problem. I did not go to Ambulance and Emergency at the nearby hospital because I do not experience any severe pain in my abdomen. Just that I have cramp because of the period.

My old iPhone is going to die. I am replacing this with a new android phone which i never like to use android based phones but with no choice, i need to use a smartphone for everything i need. I have to wait until I can afford for a new iPhone 7 plus. Now, I have trouble using the android phone as I am new to this.

I decided to leave the course of Malay language because i found that it has a lot of listening and speaking and a lot of Malay culture which I learnt a lot since my childhood in my country which is the just neighbour to Malaysia.

6 minutes passed by. End.

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