My tummy kept bothering me

I have diarrhoea for almost 3 days. I ate charcoal-based medicine to stop this issue. Until the late night, the diarrhoea stopped. It is better but I still feel pain below my navel.

Today, I fried a fish in heat oil but realised the fish was not covered enough with the flour. it became sticky a bit. The meal was simple only. I decided to cut down over-number of food items because on the previous meals, almost all of them were not finished. Today, it managed to empty out all of the plates. I am really grateful.

Having a lesson online, I learnt that using passive voice should not be used too often in writing in professional/business email. 4 main aspects of writing the business email are greeting, subject, email text and closing. It is not necessary to write so many words in one paragraph. It is important to keep it brief and clear.

“Writing is 1% inspiration and 99% elimination.”  Louise Brooks

6 minutes passed by. End.

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