Just random

I have not posted any post for a few days because I have been cleaning in the messy living room. I feel better after sorting a lot of things included medicines, electrical things. I know my mum has this such habit – “over hoarding”. Finally, I managed to find time for writing in a post for just the 5 minutes moment.

I missed some sessions at Future Learn and Coursea as they have limited period for the free course. I have to catch up before the courses expire. I noticed that Future Learn and Coursea have changed the policies – limited time for the free course. Comparing to this, they were free for unlimited last year.

I keep praying to O Yahweh for getting a better career and a good future. Interesting thing is that I am not worried much about finding a new job because I am like I walk leisurely without any worry. It shows that O Lord gives me a lot of assurance.

5 minutes passed by.


It has improved!

My bowel seemed improved after passing out the watery stool for 5 days. Tonight, I saw solidified stools which indicated that I have enough good bacteria in my intestines. I had drank 4th bottle of Yakult less sugar to wipe out the bad bacteria in my intestines with superbacteria.

Tonight, it was not usual. My friends and I had the dinner with 2 leaders after the running session. Gladly, I got know them over the time.  I suggested to him that a workshop for awareness on Deaf and Deafblindness for the guides or whoever attend regularly would be conducted.

I ate the sago pudding with gula Melaka and panda-based coconut milk after came home. A good satisfaction for sweet taste for tonight.

And I noticed that my rabbit has been avoiding lately me. It is because I bather her yesterday and she was traumatised already. I know it is very rare to bath such rabbit but I need to get rid of the excess fur from her by bathing with water. Totally, she was not happy with me. Last night, she did not jump on my bed for the whole night.

6 minutes passed by.

Going out for a while

Finally, I was happy to go out today since I spent a lot of time in staying at home. I went to the science centre for exploring at new and renovated exhibitions. One of them is about the discovery of atomic structure. Looking back to my school life, I remember how the atom is described and managed to score well on the science examination. It was really fun to learn and re-learn the structure of atoms. Another is butterfly close-up exhibition I visited with the $10 ticket. I thought there would be a lot of different butterflies but turned out that the butterfly garden at Changi Airport has MORE butterflies than this exhibition. And it is free admission if you enter in the transit of Changi airport. I think it is not worth to visit the butterfly close-up for just $10.

The dinner was the traditional chicken rice claypot. I had not eaten this for very long time already. I was satisfied with this long-lost taste.

6 minutes passed by. End.

Yohgurt seems working

I had still diarrhoea for 4 days straight already. After I ate 2 bowls of strawberry yoghurt and ate my proper meal, the diarrhoea seemed to be stopped in the early evening. Only I have a lot of gases to pass out. It is really relieved because I was worried about my health problem. I did not go to Ambulance and Emergency at the nearby hospital because I do not experience any severe pain in my abdomen. Just that I have cramp because of the period.

My old iPhone is going to die. I am replacing this with a new android phone which i never like to use android based phones but with no choice, i need to use a smartphone for everything i need. I have to wait until I can afford for a new iPhone 7 plus. Now, I have trouble using the android phone as I am new to this.

I decided to leave the course of Malay language because i found that it has a lot of listening and speaking and a lot of Malay culture which I learnt a lot since my childhood in my country which is the just neighbour to Malaysia.

6 minutes passed by. End.

My tummy kept bothering me

I have diarrhoea for almost 3 days. I ate charcoal-based medicine to stop this issue. Until the late night, the diarrhoea stopped. It is better but I still feel pain below my navel.

Today, I fried a fish in heat oil but realised the fish was not covered enough with the flour. it became sticky a bit. The meal was simple only. I decided to cut down over-number of food items because on the previous meals, almost all of them were not finished. Today, it managed to empty out all of the plates. I am really grateful.

Having a lesson online, I learnt that using passive voice should not be used too often in writing in professional/business email. 4 main aspects of writing the business email are greeting, subject, email text and closing. It is not necessary to write so many words in one paragraph. It is important to keep it brief and clear.

“Writing is 1% inspiration and 99% elimination.”  Louise Brooks

6 minutes passed by. End.

Fried Tofu went bad

I went toilet more than 3 times a day today as I have diarrhea. I suspected that yesterday, I ate fried tofu which I had kept for a few days. This is the lesson I learnt about handling foods at home. Once fried tofu is stored for a few days, must get rid of them rather than eating it. I have no pain on this tummy area but just I am irritated by the frequency of going toilet and getting messy. I started wondering if fried tofu could breed a lot of bad bacteria after frying them in the oil. Hmmm.

What a pain for me today. It is for me to avoid dairy product, wet foods and high fibre foods. I feel that I waste quite a lot of time on watching movies much. Need to do something meaningful for me. Or just that I run away from the reality by watching movies?

5 minutes passed by. End.

Second post to follow up

This is pretty my second post to write in today. I have 5 minutes to write whatever I can. Today was National Day but I spent the whole day to stay at home. I cooked a meal for 3 persons under the same roof. How could I wish rice would be brown rice but my mum could not eat this type of rice due to the renal issues. And I found that sea bass was too big to fit in the metal plate for steaming. He bought this at $8 plus and removed the whole bone body out from the fish. I cooked a dish of lady fingers and a bowl of soup with egg. My cooking skill is still pretty good after many months.

I rented 2 movies to watch them to kill my time. “I, Frankenstein” and “The last witch hunter” They are kinda dark movies I chose. I would not watch NDP because every year, I have seen the same celebration. I am glad that I am born in Singapore and have good opportunities but still many things Singapore has lacked – human right for people with disability, heritage, limited career opportunities, whatever.

5 minutes passed by already. This is the end.

A moment to write down since the last post.

I miss writing at my blog after a few years. However, I realised that I have become less interested in writing anything and hence, I found myself being less able to express in writing. perhaps, is it because I have not enough practice to write or I just shut up myself because that person criticised me heavily and hurt me inside.

I don’t understand why some people laughed at you for the bad writing or poor command of the english language. To be honest with you, I am very sad to see such people like them demoralising those who have tried to improve themselves. It would better for me to avoid that person who keeps criticising negatively many people.

5 minutes passed by for just this post. This is all.