Having a moment of saying something

I am creating the random post to “vent out” from my mind here. Today is really nothing special.  My life revolved around the mundane job is getting less or more worthy. From January this year to present, I have done ACT test and am preparing SLOWLY the admission application with many uncertianty.  Currently, i am focusing on the tutorial two of journalism. I admit that it is quite danting for me but I would not think of it. I am proud that i completed the first assignment of the journalism course. Why did i choose this course? Well, I always thought of giving a try on the journalism although i am deaf. I found this online course through the search engine. I had the doubts of the creditably of the school but researched its background and was satisfied with the contents. The certificate of online journalism would do nothing with the international recognition but It helps me to achieve my own individualism. It means my writings would have a high chance to get published within the short period with the aid of the ‘one to one’ tutor. The tutor would comment on my assignments and give me advice and guides. This is unlike being in the lecture class of 1:14.

Yesterday, I met one Russian and two french people, they are very friendly and polite. It was the good moment to chat with them however, they had one day of staying in Singapore due to the air ticket or the interchange route. They had came from the Bali, Indonesia for returning home. One of them questioned me if the deaf people were lucky to have a good job. What a such interesting question. I responded Singapore is First world and the top 20 economic country while Indonesia is third world and the poverty country. Nevertheless, there is limited in the management level for the deaf candidates such as Director and Senior manager positions. They thought deaf people in Indonesia were like to deaf people in Singapore. I am glad to debunk the misconception. Additionally, deaf foreigners may not be welcome to work in Singapore because many companies prefer hearing foreigners to deaf ones based the communication and the education. I have been pondering on his eye-catching question.


P.S please forgive me for my sloppy writing and English errors. I am too lazy to proofread. I have the tutorial notes above my head.