Who is she?

Something tickled my hair at my back and the feeling startled defensively me from sleeping. I checked what happened around me but it was my mother. She seemed delighted to talk to me.

“Do you remember Angela who visited me at my house long ago? She is too afraid to lift you up.” my mum announced.

“Oh. The angel soared down from the sky to see you at the midnight, didn’t she?” I exclaimed.

“Oh no. It is not the heavenly angel. It is my childhood friend who has the name  – Angela. Every person has a name with a special meaning to remember who she or he is.” she explained lovely.

“I remember that chubby and cute girl who loves K-world. ” I recalled.

“What is K-world?” She asked cluelessly.

“I thought she liked Korean foods, Korean clothing, Korean pop, Korean movies and more.”

“oh yes, She does. She is proud to be your first fan at my blog. She read your posts and enjoyed your stories. She wants to visit your online diary often. Are you happy, my dear?’

The comment shied me away and i tried to hide myself but she took a close look at me.


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