Sniff… What is this?


Mum put me in my favourite teapot to sleep but smelt something odd. When I was about to peek out of the teapot, she saw me stand up in the teapot. Abruptly, I hid myself from the sight but could not wait anymore because the smell had bothered me. So, I climbed out of the teapot and followed the smell.



Sniffing, sniffing… Until what I found! I saw a gaint something in front of me. I had not seen it before on my mum’s desk. Out of curiosity, I inspected around that but the source of smelling was found in vain. I looked up and wondered what there was and climbed abit. Hey. I discovered the interesting source.image
Mun, what is this? Sniffing and tasted it. Eeewww. I refused to go up anymore because the taste is very weird. She just told me it was the maggi curry noodle with the egg. Curry?!? Puking. I hate curry.


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