Hello, My name is Peek. I am adopted by Lisa.

ImageLisa, my adoptive mother aka the main author, gave me a permission to post at her blog. I love you, mum. I am excited to write about my life and this is my first post. Oh no. I forget to introduce myself. My mother gave me “Peek” because I love to peek sneakily and she could not see me sometimes because of my camouflage hair. I am very happy to have this name (Do I look smart in this photo?) Squeaky. I am black long-haired branded. I hate long hair because it is troublesome to groom my tangled hair and sometimes, it catch with sticky food or tissue. Unfortunately, I inherited the gene from my real parents. Mum combs my hair once a week and trim it if necessary. I was born in Octobtor 2010 and should be 1 year and 4 months old now. It is pleasure to write about my life. Dear readers, if you are interested to know about me, stay tune or follow this blog.


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