The Art Of Relaxation

When the long-term problems come around me, I am worried without thinking properly. Hence I am going nuts. As a young adult, I could say it is tough to be “going to be adult”. The main problems are health, facing a new fear, financial management, career, relationship, and etc. It is a rat race city I live. Thanks to my new knowledge in economics, aspect of the humanitarian. It has helped me to understand better around us. It is high standard of living and rapid changes in the country.  When I am pre-ouppied deeply, I would have forgotten how to cool down or relax. Gradually, it is aging ( Of course getting a wrinkle line too).

How to manage the such pressure/stress:

physical exercise It helps you to release the tension and start to think PROPERLY. You would e more alerted after the session of exercising. It also simulate the level of thinking skill.

Creative activities: You may bring your kids or young to an art event included the painting or kiting. You would be perked up after working out with the kids.

Progressive Relation is to sketching your body.

Autogenic Training is something that you have to command your tensed body to break down. It reminds me of Buddhism’s dharma teaching and chakras.

Mediation is an effective in creating a state of relaxation. It promotes the level of th concentration. Daily prayer is one of types of the mediation. When you are seeking God’s presence, you would focus on it with your mind. After the prayer you would feel better.