Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

This is a two-palm-size plate of grilled stingray fillet.

location: Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Road
Price: From $10 to $30 for ala carte menus. For Asian buffet, it should be 26plus dollar.

Mostly, Sambal sauce (Malay spicy sauce) is on the top of the grilled string ray on the banana foliage. but I requested the sambal sauce on the side. The stingray meat is soft and very thick. It costed me $17 included a bowl of Nasi Lemak Rice and a small bowl of cold spicy salad. It is really worth because the meat is very fresh and it is the reasonable size. Enjoy Nibbling!


Daniel and Ana (Film)

Daniels and Ana ( International Film)

Rate: 4 of 5

Genre: Based on true story but not documentary. It is R21 that stands for Restriction age of 21 and above.

Additional information for the reason of R21: accumulated minutes of having incestuous intercourse is estimated 20mins. (Notice: they are just actors, not family members in the film)

Looking at her own beauty, Ana made a content decision on her choice of her wedding grown. She was called that her finance, Rafa, was offered a job in Spain which they would have to settle in Spain together after their wedding. She did not wish to leave her family.  Meanwhile, Daniel was having a private moment with his girlfriend. He felt unsatisfied in the session.

He trained jogging with his sister, Ana together in a high spirit as he had registered for a triathlon. Both of them had a strong bond and a very little clash of their own interests since their contented childhood. After Ana’s purchase of some books at a bookstore, she and Daniel were having a brotherly conversation in their car alone. Abruptly, two armed men stormed in the car without the owner’s invitation and commanded the shocked victims to pull down at a quiet spot. The kidnappers drove their car to an unknown house after the siblings were in the bonnet of the car.

Daniel and Ana were forced to do something which would shatter everything. What happened to that?

My personal review:

This film is made to convey a message of the victims in Mexico and Latin America. There is a constant rise in illegal pornography on the internet. Many teenagers and young adults  are kidnapped and forced to perform a sexual session in front of the eye of the camera. Main reason is  profitability.

I am very impressed with the design on the poster. In the film poster, a brother and a sister are about to kiss in upside down position. It means that the close intimate would cause their world upside down. Daniel looked so innocent as he was a teenager. His hair shade his face to hide his desire. Ana was very matured and beautiful as she was elder and was about to get married.  Rate of the poster is 4 of 5. It is really creative pose that conveys a message well and succinct.

After the incest forced intercourse, Daniel’s academic performance gradually became poor and he lost his interests/hobbies. He gave up his training. It is a sign of the major depression if he did not attend a therapy session. In the film, he made up his mind not to go the session. Hence, he made a hurtful action.

Martial factor: a wife will lose her martial pride anytime if she did not trust fully her own husband on account of a structure of their spirituality in the marriage.

A psychology factor: For Daniel’s view, his first incestuous intercourse lingered in his mind for a long time. It would ignite his desire more. Hence, he made a first move to do that to his sister without a consent. From this, he felt more secured as he was very closer to his sister for many years than his girlfriend because he could not confide in his girlfriend fully unlike a sister.

In the fact, many men are not good at admitting their mistakes or desires unless they trust fully someone.