The White Ribbon (Film)

Rate: 2.5 of 5
Genre: Classic, Religion, politic and moral value (fictional)

Story:  Memories of a village schoolteacher in Eichwald, German was narrated in the film. (It should be fictional but more likely that the person wrote this from his experiences and perspectives)

In the beginning of the film, a doctor, widower, had a fall from an accident of tripping over the unseen wire between trees while he was riding. Causing the news to spread over the village, an investigator questioned some villagers living nearby and studied on the wiring mark on the same trees. There was no answer of who caused hurt to the doctor. The unanswered questions in the village became less concern.

Next victim was the wife of the farmer. She died of falling from the second floor of the sawmill and caused her family grief. One member of the decease’s family took a revenge by damaging gardening of the baron who was a host on Harvesting day.

It became more mysterious in the troubled town. Who did start it? What happened the next?

Review:  I am a fan of “The PictureHouse” at Cathey that are for international fesitival films. “The White Ribbon” is the idea from the pastor’s family’s practice of tieing the children to remind what a mistake was purified


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