“Lingua Franca” is a new lesson for me to learn.

As I read a borrowed magazine calling “English Today” dated on June 2008, I have learnt more about Lingua Franca. Lingua Franca is a human language that allow everyone from around the world to communicate each other in regardless of their ethic. It is known as a working language or bridge language. Hence, English Language is considered as an international language. 

According to the article of English as the official working language in ASEAN, there is a debate much about the usage of English language in among the Asian people. Those days, some native-speaking countries prefer to use their own mother tongue to communicate with other representatives at the assemble as they had become freshly members of the union. Much later, they gradually accepted to speak English Language.

Having a good dinner, I noticed that my hearing friends were speaking in the mixture of languages. Curiously, I asked them if they used Singlish or broken English. (Singish is the mixture of English language and major native languages. Broken English is that some English errors in speaking or writing.) They answered that they used mixtures! Not fully English Language.


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