Loss of the meaning of “Ang Mo”

Second Edition – Additional information

Eight years ago, many of my friends talked loudly that some tourists were ang mo but I did not comprehend its meaning. I stupidly asked some of them what it was because that word has not been written everywhere. It is only the word of mouth among locals (mainly the Singlish speakers). They answered that “Ang Mo” is the literal meaning of Caucasian.

Two months ago, My Caucasian friend and I ordered drinks at a coffee shop in a sleepy town. Two Chinese Nationality men idiotically giggled at one “speechless” person (it’s me. of course I am hearing impaired) and another fairer person (it is the Caucasian lady next to me). She heard “Ang Mo” in the men’s foolish conversation and got pissed because the tone was more likely to be rude ( I could not tell what the exact tone is as I could not hear theirs except their body language). Another friend elaborated what its actual meaning is to us. Smart of him. See Meaning “Ang Mo” is Hokkien words of red-haired. Asian people have black hair, right? Thus, they have been wowed by the sight of Caucasian’s golden hair.  The word rudely affects some Caucasian people. It is supposed to be negative one in generally English language.

In this society, the word has become the cliché in the Singlish speakers’ conversation as they use it often and gradually forget its exact meaning.

For serious writers, they do not see good reasons to write that word in their books as it is inappropriate to use and racial rudeness.


One thought on “Loss of the meaning of “Ang Mo”

  1. After reading your blog I have been touched by it’s feeling and intelligence.

    Please keep it up.

    Best of luck for the future!

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