Why I remove ‘Taking a driving lesson’ and ‘Owning a car’ from my wishlist

During secondary two or three, I wrote down the goals in the wishlist. I wanted to drive a car because regardless of my hearing impairment, it is more convenience for me and secretly, showed off my skill. Haha. No offence for me. I am very ambitious person.

As becoming a working adult, I learned that there are more disadvantages of owning the car.

  1. Cost of the driving lesson
  2. Cost of COE
  3. Cost of car
  4. Loss cost of the vehicle depreciation
  5. Cost of renewal licence
  6. Cost of car insurance – I have to pay a yearly fee
  7. Cost of maintenance
  8. Road tax
  9. Cost of parking
  10. Entry tax
  11. Contribution to the warming global (Emission of sulphate dioxide and carbon dioxide) – I am very eco-friendly
  12. More contribution of stress on the overflowing road.
  13. My night vision problem

All these expenses would burn my pocket! It is more than the University fee! I have figured out about the fewer advantages


  1. More convenient in riding
  2. Easy to carry bulky stuffs
  3. wherever i like to go
  4. more private
  5. have a quick errand
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