Loss of the meaning of “Ang Mo”

Second Edition – Additional information

Eight years ago, many of my friends talked loudly that some tourists were ang mo but I did not comprehend its meaning. I stupidly asked some of them what it was because that word has not been written everywhere. It is only the word of mouth among locals (mainly the Singlish speakers). They answered that “Ang Mo” is the literal meaning of Caucasian.

Two months ago, My Caucasian friend and I ordered drinks at a coffee shop in a sleepy town. Two Chinese Nationality men idiotically giggled at one “speechless” person (it’s me. of course I am hearing impaired) and another fairer person (it is the Caucasian lady next to me). She heard “Ang Mo” in the men’s foolish conversation and got pissed because the tone was more likely to be rude ( I could not tell what the exact tone is as I could not hear theirs except their body language). Another friend elaborated what its actual meaning is to us. Smart of him. See Meaning “Ang Mo” is Hokkien words of red-haired. Asian people have black hair, right? Thus, they have been wowed by the sight of Caucasian’s golden hair.  The word rudely affects some Caucasian people. It is supposed to be negative one in generally English language.

In this society, the word has become the cliché in the Singlish speakers’ conversation as they use it often and gradually forget its exact meaning.

For serious writers, they do not see good reasons to write that word in their books as it is inappropriate to use and racial rudeness.


To Kill A Mockingbird

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Rate: 4 of 5
Genre: Racial injustice, Southern life, Classic America literature, slice-of-life

Summary:  In Maycomb, a sleepy countryside, there were black people living in a border. White people had practised a racial injustice and inequality among the society.

 Scout, the narrator of the book, was 6-years-old daughter of the Finch family and her older brother, Jem, was 4 year older than her. Dill who was betrothed to her lived temporarily in his aunt’s house nearby her house. As the rumor of Boo Radley hiding in the house triggered their curiosity, the trio attempted to peek Radley’s haunting house in dark but they were almost shot by the defensive owner after they made strange noises outside the house. Figuring out who made noises outside the house, everyone in the town thought it was the dog which had disappeared.  Atticus Finch, the Father, suspected that his children had been involved in the troubling activity but he tried to convey something that was highlighting about the society to his own children. The children were not supposed to sneak in Radley’s house since nobody dared to enter. Boo Radley had been hid in the house for the rest of his life in order to get out of the legal shame.

Scout started to wonder what was going on in her town as there were many happenings.

Review: I happened to learn about this title through a recommending list of “The Temptation” book. I have completed this book on 26th Nov. It is suitable for readers with high literacy and those who are interested in literature because it has a complicated language. I am a city woman who has no knowledges what Scout had experienced in the countryside (rural area) and politics and racial injustic. It is really meaningful for me. I guess that author was more wise and knowledgable. She had linked many characters from the book to those people she knew in her life.

The book has two parts – one is the childhood’s play and one is the courthouse and the influence on the children.

Why I remove ‘Taking a driving lesson’ and ‘Owning a car’ from my wishlist

During secondary two or three, I wrote down the goals in the wishlist. I wanted to drive a car because regardless of my hearing impairment, it is more convenience for me and secretly, showed off my skill. Haha. No offence for me. I am very ambitious person.

As becoming a working adult, I learned that there are more disadvantages of owning the car.

  1. Cost of the driving lesson
  2. Cost of COE
  3. Cost of car
  4. Loss cost of the vehicle depreciation
  5. Cost of renewal licence
  6. Cost of car insurance – I have to pay a yearly fee
  7. Cost of maintenance
  8. Road tax
  9. Cost of parking
  10. Entry tax
  11. Contribution to the warming global (Emission of sulphate dioxide and carbon dioxide) – I am very eco-friendly
  12. More contribution of stress on the overflowing road.
  13. My night vision problem

All these expenses would burn my pocket! It is more than the University fee! I have figured out about the fewer advantages


  1. More convenient in riding
  2. Easy to carry bulky stuffs
  3. wherever i like to go
  4. more private
  5. have a quick errand