Importance of being a reader and a writer at same time.

Second Edition: digression and grammatical errors

I have just got a brainwaves on the topic because I was hardly able to complete a 800-words essay within a short time unlike most of highly active learners/thinkers. On my account of my working committment, I have little time to practise my writing skill. (I feel I am really brainless) In my school days, I could write up to 1500 words in a post at my blog! What a disappointment with me!

After I became a full-time employee, I finish a 600-pages novel for one and half month! It implied me that it is not good for my coming ‘A’ level year! If I write less, I would feel little comfort in writing and would be a slow writer! Oh my god. I have enough of blaming myself for my poor performance in the writing. Oh yes, I saw an interesting title at someone’s blog – “Talking-shop or im a writer too” See the url I learned a lesson from the author of the blog. It is where time is for me to write or to have a shame of myself.

Reading an academic textbook will improve your academic thinking. Reading a novel will improve your creative skill and a proficiency in expressing.

During my upper secondary school, I started to study a Social Studies subject and learned how to properly write an essay. It has really improved my writing and thinking skills! Usually, I chose a topic from the national examination paper that was related to argumentative articles. Rarely, I had written narrative writings because I had not bothered to learn about the writing foundation in the narrative writings but now, my interest in this has been developed eventually.

A fluent English speaker has commented that my dictionary is really limited. It is actually an embarrassing moment for me!! Another fluent English writer has implied about my weakly grammar skill in a recount article.

P.S: I guess I have to buy a monthly The Economist magazine in order to improve my writing. I will pray for it. =D I need to read more non-fictional books. My recount writing has been affected by the vast amount of reading the fictional books.


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