Importance of being a reader and a writer at same time.

Second Edition: digression and grammatical errors

I have just got a brainwaves on the topic because I was hardly able to complete a 800-words essay within a short time unlike most of highly active learners/thinkers. On my account of my working committment, I have little time to practise my writing skill. (I feel I am really brainless) In my school days, I could write up to 1500 words in a post at my blog! What a disappointment with me!

After I became a full-time employee, I finish a 600-pages novel for one and half month! It implied me that it is not good for my coming ‘A’ level year! If I write less, I would feel little comfort in writing and would be a slow writer! Oh my god. I have enough of blaming myself for my poor performance in the writing. Oh yes, I saw an interesting title at someone’s blog – “Talking-shop or im a writer too” See the url I learned a lesson from the author of the blog. It is where time is for me to write or to have a shame of myself.

Reading an academic textbook will improve your academic thinking. Reading a novel will improve your creative skill and a proficiency in expressing.

During my upper secondary school, I started to study a Social Studies subject and learned how to properly write an essay. It has really improved my writing and thinking skills! Usually, I chose a topic from the national examination paper that was related to argumentative articles. Rarely, I had written narrative writings because I had not bothered to learn about the writing foundation in the narrative writings but now, my interest in this has been developed eventually.

A fluent English speaker has commented that my dictionary is really limited. It is actually an embarrassing moment for me!! Another fluent English writer has implied about my weakly grammar skill in a recount article.

P.S: I guess I have to buy a monthly The Economist magazine in order to improve my writing. I will pray for it. =D I need to read more non-fictional books. My recount writing has been affected by the vast amount of reading the fictional books.


My Woes on Education

I have remorsefully made regrettable choices on educational path. I am in early 20s now and yet, it is a stagnation (I learned a new word from my talkative friend.) . I have delayed two years of educational plan on account of those bitter and fruitless troubles between my teenagerhood and adulthood. I suppose to take “A” level (Some people are against my wishes) but found out about the opinions from the forum. From these posts in the forum, “A” level which might be worthless for the potential employment is just a certificate PAPER (most of A level students insisted that).

My reasons of taking A level is to enter University, to have an international recognition and to have a penance, that is equivalent to previously heartbroken and wasted times, at same time. Polytechnic Diploma is only valued by the local employment of the competitive companies in the rapid-pacing developed country. The meaning of “polytechnic” is a school or other institution in which instruction in technical subjects is given. In a comparison to private institutions, they provide many useful courses that many polytechnic have not adopted and the courses can be completed for less than one and half years unlike the three years courses included internship and holidays in polytechnic. One big disadvantage for me is the rejection on these with hearing impairment from the private education sector. Two reasons of dropping out from the diploma in business administration course is not suitable for my interest and to re-study what I used to work in an administrative office.

One case I have learnt from my friend, former polytechnic student is about his fallen career. He worked as a manager in government body but was retrenched during the bad economy. He is unable to find another similar position in private sectors. What are the reasons of failing to find the jobs in PRIVATE SECTORS? Many of the private companies (mostly SMEs – small and medium size) do not want to hire these candidates who worked once in the government body on account of the political systems and a fear of corruptions being revealed. Additionally, many of the private companies hire handicapped people regardless their education qualifications as they are able to hide the corruptions in “mis” communications. (oopz. I assume this passage is quite digressed from the topic.) 

Getting a degree must be once in my life – my main goal. Of course, I am currently juggling working and studying. Earning experiences and studying at same time might be beneficial for my age. Advantages of having a degree are the international recognitions, high chance to immigrate another country, to be a writer, high ability of joining an international organisation and an improvement of an intellect. For employment, it is pretty hard because most companies prefer candidates with a background of technical-based field to candidates with a background of academic. Let’s say 35% of managerial positions are degree holders only.

I recall one dentist with a doctrine certificate, whom I visited for check-up, wrote in broken English to me. I guess she spent mostly her times on patients’ teeth without brushing her redundant skills up. How worth is it? It is a complacency without an appreciation. I am still researching on it.