I just got enlighted.

I have not been writing a single post and left a few incompleted drafts for many days as my schedule was very tight and I was preoccupied in thoughts and personal problems. Writing a post depends on my frequency mood and affected mind. Nevertheless, I am keeping thinking of publishing my thoughts out but have little interest to do this. If I do not write anything here, I will be as dead as this blog! It affects lightly my state of depression because writing is one of my hobbies.  

I will write a resourceful topic of  “self-heal for mental health” in a next post. I hope I could complete this interesting post without a procrastination.

I have a jitter in writing in PROPER English Language as I have to catch up with these people who write and speak in an increasing standard of  English Language usage. I have heard many people speak or write less Singlish, which is more likely to be slang or mixed languages, and less broken English Language especially I spend my time in a hospitality sector that I have to write properly without getting embarrassed. By the way, I have realised that learning English Language is really easy than I thought.

After writing this, I feel better now. =D Looking forward the next post.