Aftershock (film)

Second Edition: Misspelling is corrected.

Rate: 3 of 5
Genre: Slice-of-life, disturbing scene

Story: In the aftermath of the earthquake, a mother was staggering in a shock. To utter her heartbreak, her husband’s body was found by a few survivors and she cried heavily over the body, cursing herself for not saving him. She started to look for her missing children who were stuck painfully under a collapsed building. Meanwhile, the girl, one of the children, was trapped fully under the concrete slab and the boy, other of the children, kept crying frightened as his arm had been injured severely by the hard crush.

Since either of two children had to be crushed violently if other would be rescued, she was forced to choose one of them. In a confusion and frightening state, she demanded the rescue team to save both but was going to be ignored as she coud not make the decision quickly. Grasping the man who advised her about the decision, she wanted to save the son in an exchange of her own daughter.

Under the collapsed building, the daughter heard the spoken words from her own mother. “Save my son” rang in her mind before she went into a unconscience state. She was carried in arms of the mother and was put behind the father’s body. The mother and her son left the spot for a proper shelter and a medical treatment.

Collecting bitterly the bodies for a mass burial, one of an army team saw a female child wandering cluelessly in a fear. He asked her about her family’s whereabout. There was a silence. She had woken up and found herself lying behind her own father. She had been traumatized as she could not remember what had happened to her. The solider took her to a haven from the havoc.

 Her grudge grew stronger against her own mother for being abandoned.

Review: I found that this film only showed about the life of the girl. I had thought it was about the place and the people. Hmmm. it is really good and will make you cry. It is too common story i have heard. I am not family oriented at all time. The girl lost the childhood memory after being traumatized fully in the abandonment and the aftermath of the storm.

I think the moral of this story is that you never make a grudge against someone who had no choice to make a painful decision.

P.S. : I am lazy to elaborate on the review.


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