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The skull snickers and moves ever closer, but that doesn’t surprise me. The reason  death stick so closely to isn’t biological necessity – its envy. Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous, possessive love that grabs at what it can.

Life of Pi

Rate: 4 of 5
Genre: Novel,  slice-of-life

The novel has three parts:- Main character’s childhood, a chronicle of surviving with a tiger and an interview with investigators.

Piscine Molitor Patel, a zookeeper’s son, was thrown away into a life-saver boat from a sinking ship by frightened crews. He thought that they saved his life but turned to be a meal for an escaped tiger! The tiger jumped into the sea and swam toward the boat where the boy was. His family and he had decided to move from their country, India to Canada with some of their zoo animals because of political clashes and poor economy. Travelling to the Canada, the ship had started to sink without a warning.

The sole survivor lived in fear as he was trying to get out of the tiger’s sight and hide under a built-in bench to avoid the tiger’s attacks. Later, a orang-utan and a zebra appeared in the sea and reached the boat by swimming from the sunken ship. Another companion was a hyena which was not easy to be tamed. Herbivore, injured zebra, female, seasick monkey, hungry, wild-like hyena, moody, ignoring tiger and 16-years-old, lonely boy in the same boat. The boy had two choices – be eaten by the tiger or killing it.

Review: after reading this book, it is touching, inspiring and memorable. The author is creative. One interesting thing in it is about a strange island. I am wondering if it does exist. It is the carnivore island. It can kill a human, huh? Because the algae release strong acid in night. Another concept is about animal’s behaviours. They are very definitive. I agree that a tiger is much easy to be tamed. A part of Pi’s childhood is very humorous. A heat agrument of his religious mentors.

Unmistaken Child

Unmistaken Child

Rate: 4 of 5
Genre: Documentary – Based on spiritual reincarnation.

In the film: Tenzin Zopa, a late master’s closest disciple, was given some hints in being ready to find a reincarnated child after Geshe Lama Konchog died of aging. He had questioned him whether the master chose the reincarnation. The reply was yes. The corpse was wrapped with a cloth and carried by monks without a coffin. In the Nepalese culture, a monk or a visitor throws a white cloth which is estimated measurement of one meter in length and 10 cm in width at the wrapped corpse. (I think this white cloth symbolizes a respect or an honour. The decease was burnt in a furnace and dissolved into ashes. After the burning session was over, there were white pearls and strangely, a footprint on the sand or the ashes in a direction of the East (if i am not wrong). The leader recognised them as the signs of the reincarnation of Lama Konchog.

The selected monk whom the decease trusted most started to search the child in the same direction. He had brought the decease’s rosaries for noticing a response of the child. He met many children until he found one. He tried to spend his time staying with the child for few nights and knew if the child was aware of his presence. After that, he brought him to see the head leader for a performance of recognition. The test was successful. The child chose to be a monk.

Review: It left me very touching and memorable. Tenzin Zopa is brave and stoic. It will spice your spirit up! The film has beautiful scenarios.

P.s. I notice that this writing is not organised well. Never mind about it.