Distinction Between “Lie” and “Lay”

To utter my confusion, I read the meaning of “Lie” and “Lay” from my practical book. Both of the words sound similar but I had not thought of  their actual difference. I realized that I misunderstood or misinterpret a meaning of the story in the books as I SKIM – no careful reading habit. Let me definite them.

“Lie” means that is a flat position that your body is flat on the floor or the bed.
Lay (past)
Lying (Present Participle)
Lain (Past Participle)

“Lie” has another meaning. It is to tell someone something that is not true
Lied (Past)
Lying (Past Participle)

“Lay” means that is to put something down carefully in a flat position.
Laid (past)
Laying (Past Participle and Present Participle)

I learned from this lesson!


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