My Lunch at Liu San, Taiwanese Delicacies

Liu San
No.1  Jalan Anak Bukit #01-09
Bukit Timah Plaza (Visited)

Second branch: Blk 46 Holland Drive #01-359 (Not visited yet)

Cuisine: Taiwanese
Price: $4 to $20 (Dessert: $3.80 to $5)
Service: 4.5 of 5 (That lady is very amiable)
Remark: Non Halal, Not suitable for Vegetarian

Something woke me up on my bed in the late afternoon and the mother wondered if i wanted to have a bowl of oyster noodle. I had not eaten the Taiwanese bowl for almost 3 years! I thought that the recommended dish had the same taste and wanted to decline but was very hungry from being a sleeping log. At Bukit Timah plaza, I looked at the cafe and asked the mother if she was sure that was one. It was the miscommunication between me and the mother over a link of the bowl of oyster bowl! I had thought we would eat at “food street” place which was more like a kiosk in the designated way.  -_-”’ (This animated punctuation is cute. haha) The restaurant’s style is likely to be Taiwanese and half Zen, (Element colours are black and brown mostly). There are black wooden tables and chairs in Zen style and shape of square. The eating and serving utensils are beautiful and again Zen style. (Excuse me, my knowledge in Asian style is quite average although I am Asian.) The servers are very friendly and positive well. Personally, one of them was shocked that I am well-literate, intelligent and beautiful as she acknowledged me as a hearing impaired customer. -_-. Because she is China-nation. You have no idea that i forget that i am deaf already as deafness does not matter to me.

In this photo, a mug of chilled soya bean milk, a big bowl of handmade vermicelli (thinner noodle than other noodles) with oysters and a small bowl of Taiwanese steamed rice.

I ordered another bowl of Chinese Herbal Soup (not included in the photo as it was served late.) and an Herbal Jelly with Ice Cream plus honey. The oyster vermicelli is really authentic and very soft. The oyster are so fresh and meaty! Its size is about a local 50 cent. The bean sprouts are very fresh and in abundant! Gravy is nice and yummy. Cost is unknown (i forget to read the price) The steamed rice is heavenly. It has many mushrooms (I am mushroom eater, i mean lover). Cost is $4.80 The soup is super delicious. It is very clear and light taste (numb tongue!) unlike my own cooking (sediment and dense). Cost is $6.50 The dessert is modern and creative. Herbal jelly with ICE CREAM, nice? Maybe, i do not like many modern tastes. Cost is $4.80 (if i am wrong). The chilled soya bean milk is homemade and mouth-watering. Do you understand what “chilled” and “iced” are? The chilled drink is not added the ices otherwise it will lose tastes. Its smell is like brown rice. Cost is $2.30. The lunch made my day bright! Merry Dining.


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