Distinction Between “Lie” and “Lay”

To utter my confusion, I read the meaning of “Lie” and “Lay” from my practical book. Both of the words sound similar but I had not thought of  their actual difference. I realized that I misunderstood or misinterpret a meaning of the story in the books as I SKIM – no careful reading habit. Let me definite them.

“Lie” means that is a flat position that your body is flat on the floor or the bed.
Lay (past)
Lying (Present Participle)
Lain (Past Participle)

“Lie” has another meaning. It is to tell someone something that is not true
Lied (Past)
Lying (Past Participle)

“Lay” means that is to put something down carefully in a flat position.
Laid (past)
Laying (Past Participle and Present Participle)

I learned from this lesson!


A place in this world by Taylor Swift

I don’t know what I want, so don’t ask me
‘Cause I’m still trying to figure it out
Don’t know what’s down this road, im just walking
Trying to see through the rain coming down
Even though I’m not the only one
Who feels the way I do

I’m alone, on my own, and that’s all I know
I’ll be strong, I’ll be wrong, oh but life goes on
I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

Got the radio on, my old blue jeans
And I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve
Feeling lucky today, got the sunshine
Could you tell me what more do I need
And tomorrow’s just a mystery, oh yeah
But that’s okay

I’m alone, on my own, and that’s all I know
I’ll be strong, I’ll be wrong, oh but life goes on
I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

Maybe I’m just a girl on a mission
But I’m ready to fly

I’m alone, on my own, and that’s all I know
Oh, I’ll be strong, I’ll be wrong, oh but life goes on
Oh, I’m alone, on my own, and that’s all I know
Oh, I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

Oh I’m just a girl
Oh I’m just a girl
Oh oh
Oh I’m just a girl

Know your personal technique of sustaining your grammatical English Language

When I was in primary school, I was very bad at English Language. I did not enjoy reading a book as the school and my parents did not guide me how to read. I heard only “Read more to improve your English language.” more than two times but I did not heed. After leaving the primary school, I was trying to read a first book. Its title was “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone”. I read this without an interruption. How could I read faithfully this book? Ok. I had watched the related movie. Hence, it helped me to get a clear picture from what I read the book. Reading became a form of escaping and stepping into other world. After completing few books, reading became a habit.

During my secondary years, my English Language was still not improved strongly although I read good books and educational magazines. Why? Because I did not practise in writing much and did not fond of English literature. The school gave me literature books to read. I remember many students in my class were not diligent much in literature. I really WASTED five years’ worth for not practising seriously in the writing. The five years was from secondary one to secondary four plus O level year. 

When I was in secondary three, I heard about a new blogging programme and explored its features. The programme seemed to be interesting to me and I created a new account and contributed to it. Hence, writing became addicting as I enjoyed to pour out my bottle of thinking into the blog. Also, it developed my liking in using a thick Longman dictionary. My english vocabulary was improved slowly.  With the help of blogging habit, my english was nourished.

Another determinant of the improvement of the English Language was a sign language in the latest version. When I listened to my resourceful teachers who used the version of sign language, I got bored sometimes and in the end, my brain could not absorb much.

a subject teacher spoke verbally: ” This ion moves from the metal to the non-metal. ”
a resourceful teacher interpreted in sign language: “Ball (as sign of ion) fly (as sign of move) from metal to non-metal”
Me: Yawned

A speed of speech of the subject teachers is faster than the speed of the  interpretation of the resourceful teachers.I understand that the resourceful teachers are very industrious in conveying what they heard into signalling. Mostly, they spoke in sign language broken English.

A full sentence: “I would like to contribute my knowledge to this community.”
I spoke in sign language: ” I like contribute my knowledge there (the community).”

I hear commonly most of the hearing impaired students have many grammar errors in their writing unless they are diligent or independent.

Example of another technique of sign language.
Let’s imagine that you are a flag signalman for an airfighter. You signal a code to the airfighter polit. Two flags are held straight above you. It tells “Please move quickly from left as the park was taken over.”

One sign = one sentence

Like converting from a novel (500pages) to a movie (1.8 hours). If the interpreters signalled every word in one short sentence for 30 sec, my brain would be not willing to absorb. If they just signalled one body language as one sentence for 10 sec, I would enjoy learning. Thus, I like the latter but it is not used generally now. In the fact, many young are less fluent in English than the previous generation.

Let’s back to the improvement of my English language. The resourceful teachers and the English tutors gave me remedial lessons of English language but I was not serious. They always told me to read more books and newspaper. But they did not know what technique I could apply unconsciously to improve the English language.

If I pick a thick novel book, I will skim to get pictures quickly. If I pick a newspaper, I will scan them to get best information. Skimming is different from reading. Skimming means that you scan quickly main points without getting unnecessary details. Skimming is useful sometimes for your comprehension within short time. To avoid making many English errors, then you read carefully.

Someone recommended me to read short stories from literature books because I have more times to read carefully them rather than the fat novel book. This tip is really more resourceful.

Another tip is to make many words into fewer fixations. I learned this good technique from The Mindgym book (I am a fan.).
Read: “I need to get a letter from the letter box. Can you give me the letter key?”
Read again ” I need to get a letter from the letter box. Can you give me the letter key?”

So, which first or second is to read and understand faster?

Another friend shared with me that socializing with people is to improve English. He prefer socializing to reading. He comes from a highly educated family. If you are associating the people who are very fluent in English, you will be one of them. Some of you all come from a non-speaking English family and they may be not fluent in it.

Another technique is to write constantly. If you write often, you will familiar more in English. Someone who does not like to read a book but is good at writing. I think he likes technical writing. His vocabulary is quite strong but his grammar is simple. In some major courses from the university, they expect you to write in technical, mathematical, business, law and scientific terms.

Subvocalization means that you are reciting until you familiar more in English. It may be not effective to me. You may try it.

In the bottom line, you have to know your own technique that can be more effective for you. Try to apply these techniques to see its effectiveness on your learning process.

Brain is most powerful

Second Edition: I typed the wrong word (powderful) instead of “powerful”. Apologise.

The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe. Sourced from National Geographic magazinc in June 1995

If i am hearing impaired, i have still the living brain. There is nothing to impair my own brain.

English Language Myth’s First Post

I thought too much on correcting my own English Language errors. An idea appeared in my mind. I decided to create a new category as a learning hub. It is labelled as “English Language Myth”. Why is it called “English Language Myth”? Because sometimes we learn one English word or one English sentence from printed media to various books to conversations among people and sometimes but the English sentence turns to be incorrect grammatically, phonically or rhetorically. Secondly, we misunderstand or misinterpret what we read or listen the sentence.  We keep wondering what corrects the English Language errors,  if the sentence is correct or if we do not need to learn that sentence.

In my old secondary school day, my Secondary 3 English Language teacher taught us one non-sense thing. She explained to us that “whose” was used for more than one person. “The voters whose support the republic party are in the riot” Some of us, the students, were stunning over the error. I did not believe that my own resourceful teacher  believed the English Language teacher!!! Queer of my resourceful teacher. Thus, the correct sentence is ” The voters who support the republic party are in the riot”
Some English Language teachers from everywhere are not perfect in this subject. Even some lecturers have some English Language errors

From my conversation with two persons, I wanted to know the cause. One technician stated ” This electric wire is spoilt.” After he left, my friend puzzled over “spoilt” and explained what he was thinking to me. “Spoilt” is actually not in technical term but means that decay or damage foods or moods. My friend had studied in a degree biochemistry course and he understood the term of “spoilt”. Smart of him. Correction: “This electric wire is damaged or worn out.”  Be careful. “This electric fan is out of the order.” NOT ” This electric wire is out of the order.” Because “out of the order” relates to the machines that are not operating properly.

This category may help you to brush up the English Language or correct the errors. It is quite fun for me to write here. I may quote some questions from Yahoo Q&A, people’s conversations or blogs, printed media or somewhere.

Note: I use “English Language” instead of “English”. Why? E.g. “English Myth” what do you think? Does it mean that England has some English culture myths? No. I admitted that i typed those words at first place but realized that it sounded so odd and thus, corrected it.

A Time of Proofreading.

I am going to proofread many of my posts here as I feel urge to edit an additional information or correct my grammatical or rhetorical errors.

Second Edition” means that I edited, corrected or added in the posts.

It may take estimated 2 weeks to complete proofreading in my whole blog. I will start from the first post (oldest).

My Lunch at Liu San, Taiwanese Delicacies

Liu San
No.1  Jalan Anak Bukit #01-09
Bukit Timah Plaza (Visited)

Second branch: Blk 46 Holland Drive #01-359 (Not visited yet)

Cuisine: Taiwanese
Price: $4 to $20 (Dessert: $3.80 to $5)
Service: 4.5 of 5 (That lady is very amiable)
Remark: Non Halal, Not suitable for Vegetarian

Something woke me up on my bed in the late afternoon and the mother wondered if i wanted to have a bowl of oyster noodle. I had not eaten the Taiwanese bowl for almost 3 years! I thought that the recommended dish had the same taste and wanted to decline but was very hungry from being a sleeping log. At Bukit Timah plaza, I looked at the cafe and asked the mother if she was sure that was one. It was the miscommunication between me and the mother over a link of the bowl of oyster bowl! I had thought we would eat at “food street” place which was more like a kiosk in the designated way.  -_-”’ (This animated punctuation is cute. haha) The restaurant’s style is likely to be Taiwanese and half Zen, (Element colours are black and brown mostly). There are black wooden tables and chairs in Zen style and shape of square. The eating and serving utensils are beautiful and again Zen style. (Excuse me, my knowledge in Asian style is quite average although I am Asian.) The servers are very friendly and positive well. Personally, one of them was shocked that I am well-literate, intelligent and beautiful as she acknowledged me as a hearing impaired customer. -_-. Because she is China-nation. You have no idea that i forget that i am deaf already as deafness does not matter to me.

In this photo, a mug of chilled soya bean milk, a big bowl of handmade vermicelli (thinner noodle than other noodles) with oysters and a small bowl of Taiwanese steamed rice.

I ordered another bowl of Chinese Herbal Soup (not included in the photo as it was served late.) and an Herbal Jelly with Ice Cream plus honey. The oyster vermicelli is really authentic and very soft. The oyster are so fresh and meaty! Its size is about a local 50 cent. The bean sprouts are very fresh and in abundant! Gravy is nice and yummy. Cost is unknown (i forget to read the price) The steamed rice is heavenly. It has many mushrooms (I am mushroom eater, i mean lover). Cost is $4.80 The soup is super delicious. It is very clear and light taste (numb tongue!) unlike my own cooking (sediment and dense). Cost is $6.50 The dessert is modern and creative. Herbal jelly with ICE CREAM, nice? Maybe, i do not like many modern tastes. Cost is $4.80 (if i am wrong). The chilled soya bean milk is homemade and mouth-watering. Do you understand what “chilled” and “iced” are? The chilled drink is not added the ices otherwise it will lose tastes. Its smell is like brown rice. Cost is $2.30. The lunch made my day bright! Merry Dining.

Meaning of Spoonerism

I read Yahoo Q&A to spot a new word – “Spoonerism”. It is very interesting to know more about the its psychological meaning. It means that is a speech error as vowels, consonants or morphemes are switched as similar sounds/words. It is named after Reverend William Archibald Spooner who spoke many errors and suffered embarrassment in the public.

“Three cheers for our queer old dean!” (dear old queen, referring to Queen Victoria)
“The Lord is a shoving leopard.” (a loving shepherd)
“You were fighting a liar in the quadrangle.” (lighting a fire)

 I am wondering if this disorder affects hearing impaired people. Do you agree that it affects hearing impaired people? They communicate in body language and no sounds of spoken words.