Exasperation of Some Conversations

How irritating am i? Some people asked me something and then i asked them back why. Their responses are always “nothing”

Example 1:
People: Why are you moody?
Me: Being overwork makes me moody. Why?
People: Nothing
Me: Nothing? what make you to ask me that question?
People do not say anything.
Me get annoyed.

Example 2:
People: Are you hungry?
Me: I am looking forward lunch now. Why?
People: Nothing
Me get annoyed again. I really hate common questions such as “How are you?”.

They show that they are not over-detailed and not wise at all time even though some of them are highly educated. They make me more bored. Damn. So strange. There are not many interesting people in the world. Where are the interesting people?!? Luckily, I am not born to be a fully extrovert person. Otherwise, i will die from the HUGE boredom if my place is filled with uninteresting people. I get bored so easily because i guess i am a big knowlegde-eater. For instance, when you talk about your own guys (your boyfriends, of course) for many months, do you think i am interested to listen to you? I will die if the subject is not changed shortly. Reading resourceful books is better than having a conversation with the uninteresting people. If you meet an author, a musician or an artist, it will be more interesting in a conversation.

When i grow up, i become more academic than before. My main goal is knowledge and philosophy, not my own society and useless love ( lol ).


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