My High Tea at Goodwood Hotel, Coffee Lounge

Goodwood Hotel
Coffee Lounge

Value: S$24++ for Buffet (i forget actual price)

Service: 3 of 5
It is quite high standard but when the cafe is too busy, the speed of service may be slower or less responsive. However, it is very friendly.

Food Taste: 3 of 5
Various dishes. Laska is nice and Mee Siam is ok. Dim Sum is really heavenly. I notice there are no pork/lard on serve. I am wondering if it has a certificate of Halal. perhaps,if i am wrong,

Goodwood Park Hotel’s building is admirable and classy. Inside the building is more elegant. I am glad that the building is preserved well instead of being demolished. It is nice to relax there and have a good scenario.

My apologise for this incomplete post as i need to clear a box of drafts.


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