My Lick at Udders Ice Cream and Frolick

West Mall
Udders Ice Cream
Value: S$4.90 to S$15 (there are 3 types of quality – Classic, Premium and Connoisseur)

I walked excitedly to an ice cream kiosk and was shocked that they are selling alcohol ice cream and Durian 24 ice cream.  I requested for some samples of selected ice creams I chose a scoop of Bailey and Bourdon ice cream (in this photo) which contains high alcohol because i have a craving for Bailey liquor. Its taste is quite bitter and creamy. Mango Sorbet is smooth and nice.  I like to buy a pint of alcohol ice cream (Martini Lyhcee or Bailey & Bourdon). Many laughable cartoons are printed on tables.

Holland Village
241 Holland Avenue #01-02
Value: S$3.70 to S$10

There are 2 types of yogurt ice cream – original and flavoured

I had a biggest cup of lyhcee yogurt ice cream. I think Yanz is better than this because it has good quality of taste and good dense. Frolick yoghurt is quite watery and diluted taste. But Frolick has many flavours and creative designs. There are more nice toppings.

I am lazy to proofread here.


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