Exasperation of Some Conversations

How irritating am i? Some people asked me something and then i asked them back why. Their responses are always “nothing”

Example 1:
People: Why are you moody?
Me: Being overwork makes me moody. Why?
People: Nothing
Me: Nothing? what make you to ask me that question?
People do not say anything.
Me get annoyed.

Example 2:
People: Are you hungry?
Me: I am looking forward lunch now. Why?
People: Nothing
Me get annoyed again. I really hate common questions such as “How are you?”.

They show that they are not over-detailed and not wise at all time even though some of them are highly educated. They make me more bored. Damn. So strange. There are not many interesting people in the world. Where are the interesting people?!? Luckily, I am not born to be a fully extrovert person. Otherwise, i will die from the HUGE boredom if my place is filled with uninteresting people. I get bored so easily because i guess i am a big knowlegde-eater. For instance, when you talk about your own guys (your boyfriends, of course) for many months, do you think i am interested to listen to you? I will die if the subject is not changed shortly. Reading resourceful books is better than having a conversation with the uninteresting people. If you meet an author, a musician or an artist, it will be more interesting in a conversation.

When i grow up, i become more academic than before. My main goal is knowledge and philosophy, not my own society and useless love ( lol ).


My High Tea at Goodwood Hotel, Coffee Lounge

Goodwood Hotel
Coffee Lounge

Value: S$24++ for Buffet (i forget actual price)

Service: 3 of 5
It is quite high standard but when the cafe is too busy, the speed of service may be slower or less responsive. However, it is very friendly.

Food Taste: 3 of 5
Various dishes. Laska is nice and Mee Siam is ok. Dim Sum is really heavenly. I notice there are no pork/lard on serve. I am wondering if it has a certificate of Halal. perhaps,if i am wrong,

Goodwood Park Hotel’s building is admirable and classy. Inside the building is more elegant. I am glad that the building is preserved well instead of being demolished. It is nice to relax there and have a good scenario.

My apologise for this incomplete post as i need to clear a box of drafts.

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory

Second Edition: I added another part in the review


The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory.

Rate: 4.5 of 5
Genre: Partial History, Partial Romance, Partial Religion. I do not know its actual genre. Please ignore it.

Summary of this book: A daughter of  Queen Isabella I of Castle and King Ferdinand II of Aragon of Spain , Catalina, fifteen, was sent away from her royal family in Spain to England for an arranged marriage which mean that is matchmaking without a bride’s and a groom’s consent. (The arranged marriage is common practice currently in royal family, traditional families and ethic minorities such as tribal groups or Muslim groups in developing countries)  She faced a different culture (Tudor royal line) – different food, different lifestyle, different environment, different politic system, different habits and different practice. With a England king, father-in-law’s insults, how did she face a difficult position alone? She was brought up to be a Queen of England but her first husband died of Sweat (disease) and she became a widow. Her fate of becoming Queen of England was sealed. With her determination and her endurance, she managed to get the title of Monarch for the late husband’s deathbed promise. She faced a poverty and had no friends and no supports of her royal family. The late husband, Arthur’s younger brother, Henry was interested in her. Is there a chance to re-marry the second child of the England King who was intimated with her?

Review: It is really fantastic and engrossing. I guess it is best one among Philippa Gregory’s other books. I am impressed on Princess Catalina and her mother. Princess Catalina is very capable and strong woman. She learnt many things from her mother who wore in royal armour during a battle and was very faithful in a religion but she realised that she and her mother had different views. The mother wiped out all Muslim and Jew scholars who were not following her own faith in order to change the politic after obtaining a land. Those scholars were more intelligent and more knowledgeable than the Christian lords who were more faith in the religion than science and medical theories. Catalina valued the knowledge of science and medicine. They were in sixteenth century. One strange part from that book is about the fake pregnacy. Catalina was told by the English physician that she carried another alive twin after the first dead baby was induced. But she felt nothing in her womb and decided to see Moorish Muslim physician (Philiosopors’ Stone – type of scholars in old time. ). The Muslim physician confirmed that she had no baby in the swollen belly. So odd. The English culture in 16th century was very funny and very queer. You can bath occasionally and change the underwear once half of year. You can not eat raw vegetable otherwise you get sick. It explains why the religion was huge impact than science in everyday life.

My Lick at Udders Ice Cream and Frolick

West Mall
Udders Ice Cream
Website: www.udders.com.sg
Value: S$4.90 to S$15 (there are 3 types of quality – Classic, Premium and Connoisseur)

I walked excitedly to an ice cream kiosk and was shocked that they are selling alcohol ice cream and Durian 24 ice cream.  I requested for some samples of selected ice creams I chose a scoop of Bailey and Bourdon ice cream (in this photo) which contains high alcohol because i have a craving for Bailey liquor. Its taste is quite bitter and creamy. Mango Sorbet is smooth and nice.  I like to buy a pint of alcohol ice cream (Martini Lyhcee or Bailey & Bourdon). Many laughable cartoons are printed on tables.

Holland Village
241 Holland Avenue #01-02
Website: www.frolick.com.sg
Value: S$3.70 to S$10

There are 2 types of yogurt ice cream – original and flavoured

I had a biggest cup of lyhcee yogurt ice cream. I think Yanz is better than this because it has good quality of taste and good dense. Frolick yoghurt is quite watery and diluted taste. But Frolick has many flavours and creative designs. There are more nice toppings.

I am lazy to proofread here.

What A Headache on Wanting or Calling

I realised that writing a descriptive and argumentative post is quite tougher than a creative post and an experience post. It is because argumentative writings require more adjective words, logical and thinking skills and more knowledge. It improves your mental level and prevent you from getting  mental disorders such as some of the types of Autism and schizophrenia. On the other side, you need to generalise your knowledge and research more. Assumption or normative statement are used sometimes. When i was in secondary school, i always chose argumentative writing because i have good knowledges. Fortunately, I have use same skill for combination humanity examination.

However, creative writings just require your ideas/inventions   If you want to be a creative writer, you need to have many ideas to plot a story. It may consume more times than the descriptive writers do. When you start to write a fictional story, you will be in a trance of wonderland and you focus on something (illusions) to start describe it deeply. No wonder it is common to see the fiction writers drinking a glass of whisky and keep them to focus one thing without being distracted for another things. See my related post  When you complete a few hours of writing, you still do not get out of the wonderland yet even you walk somewhere.
Philippa Gregory is really amazing me as an inspiring and tedious author. She is a historian who can study England history and convert the historic figures into her books with her ideas of fiction stories. It is impossible to be the writer like her. I love to read her books!

When i concentrate on writing fully, you will find my post is over-detailed or wind long. I am in trance of recalling what i understand and i experience while writing without stop. I admit that I managed to complete a procrastinating draft slower than completing a new post because sometimes something appears on my mind and i will write straight quickly. If i do not write it straight and save as a draft and go back, i will feel clueless of where i should start in the draft. It becomes a bad habit for me. Ah. I have 4 or 5 drafts currently – Pharaoh of Sun (Aten) in ancient egyptian (tough to write), Talking to yourself is considered as a good mental health and Latest visitation at SAM. Each post may contain estimated 400 to 800 words if i can concentrate well. Proofreading is used sometime if i have good time.

“The writer has to force himself to work. He has to make his own hours and if he doesn’t go to his desk at all there is nobody to scold him. If he is a writer of fiction he lives in a world of fear. Each new day demands new ideas and he can never be sure whether he is going to come up with them.”
“Boy” by Dalh Roald

I am not aware if writing is my own aptitude. That insitution do not allow me to take Mass Communication course (mixed medias) because of my miserable grade – just one most important subject which i never get a best point. Its cause is my own bad habit!!! The bad habit will be a life destroyer!!!! I can not believe it makes me more miserable now.

My Tea Break at Food For Thought Cafe

Service: 4 of 5

Value: $3 to $20. Exclude GST charge and no service charge, not bad!

Style: modern plain and young design. Its building is actually irregular shape, little straight recentangle and abstract of horizontal and vertical.

I strolled leisurely to a cafe at a second branch of Singapore Art Museum, Q8. An interesting name of the cafe is “Food for Thought”. I thought it was a slang message but it turned to be its name. It sounds funny but more interesting and quite meaningful. I love the cafe! I like to be a regular customer of the cafe! A waiter greeted me more friendly and wonderful even I am hearing impaired. I was informed friendly that food service was not available for a while but beverage and cakes were still available. I just wanted a drink and a piece of cake only, not food menu. He gave out a relief. I chose a table which is built-in as a booth against the celiling-to-floor glass of the building. It is nice to view there. I chose it because it has a good view and i needed a power supply from a socket.

You can make yourself at the cafe as a home. You can enjoy read a browsed books from the cafe or purchase a sale item such as a frame, a mug and etc. Nice tables and Chairs. Nice transparent cups. Nice stools. Nice built-in shelves. My apologise. I am tired to think of secondary/descriptive words of “nice”.

I ordered a homemade lemon tea drink (my favourite!) and a piece of homemade cheese cake. Bottom of the cake is quite hard but taste thick due to more residue of cheese or something and top of the cake (2/3) is very soft and quite light. The drink costed me 3.50 dollar and the piece of the cake cost me 6 dollar. It is worth of money and good taste!

A Ponder on A Small Distinction Between Conscience and Sub-conscience

In drowsiness and drunkenness state,  a physique is releasing stressed or tensed areas which include a brain. A mind becomes concentrate on a single thing in a quiet environment. In an other hand, the mind has some difficulties in a mental concentration in a noisy environment.

In awaking state, it will create more tenses and pressures. A mind will be more active and becomes a multi-concentrated.