My Moody Day

After a completion of my assignments, i have not any mood to write further few drafts and create new posts. I realise that i have few posts for a month of March. I asked myself why i have no mood to write. Is it because i am sick or fed up with rashes that started 2 weeks ago? I lost a interest to go the gym. Irritation wakes me sometime between 3am to 5am. Now, i have improper of sleeping. I have little mood to read a 490 page book of The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory.

I doubt that i over-consummated Iodine which sources from seafood. I had finished a whole box of spicy prawn rolls that was brought from Batam. I had went for a medical consultation but i think i should go a private clinic instead of a public clinic such as a polyclinic.

Switching to a serious career is on my mind almost everyday. I hope i can move on and move on without turning back like a train can not move back.

Having inflamed skin is first time in my life. I heard there are many causes of the rashes. See Symptoms and Causes  I heard it will last for few months. It is so long.

My apologise for sloppy writing here due to my blue mood.


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