“Pharaohs of The Sun” from National Geographic magazine 2001

Notice: I have not completed this post as I have no time to rack my brain on it. This post has been delayed for many months. =X

“Beatifully, you come from the horizontal of heaven” by Amenhotep III

Many Egyptologists, who are studying on the culture and artifacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization, are researching on the happening in the period especially a mystery whereabout of missing body of Neferiti. A young king, Akhenaten created a first religion after an impression of his father on the sun rays. The newly created religion was called Aten that mean that Sun Ray God. He was convinced that the ray of the Sun gives everything a life. A tree and a flower can grow under the sun ray. An animal can eat the plant and survive. A predator can eat its prey. A human can eat plants and animals to live. It is a similiar to the eco-system. The sun rays help to collect the vapourised water and convert them into condensed water (raining). The raining helps to the vegetable to grow and the water drinkers to drink. Oh no. I am just amazed about Aten (not religion, just philiosphy for me). The sun rays can light on the Earth for people to see clearly. Without the sun rays, we would die. It is the purposes of why he was inspired to create the first religion, Aten, in his kingdom and attempted to influence on his people. Unfortunlately, most of his people were trantumized that the king replaced the religion and the tradition habits as they were very orthodox.

I am surprised that the anicent builders and engineers cut a huge drawing block into smaller blocks which are called Talatat blocks. Look at comparation of two photos


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