Medical Explanation of Delusion

A delusion, in everyday language, is a fixed belief that is either false, fanciful, or derived from deception.

I uncovered more an engrossing issue of delusions in a medical term. Everyone may have one of these delusions because everyone has a phobia (no matter how many). The phobia is actually developed by a negative/horror experience (physically or emotionally), a strong remembrance or presence of the previous dream in sleeping state. a negative/false influence and a previous indoctrination. When a person is in post-depression, he/she may suffer from or experience one or many of these. Sometimes a person can not accept deeply a painful truth which creates a big blow to him/her and becomes unstable mental. Related cases of a spouse in abusive marriage, a family member (mostly elderly and child) in domestic violence, an employee in corrupted management, a convict or a captive in abusive environment, a high loneliness of a person who live alone without social activities for a long period and etc.

Types of Delusion
  • Delusion of control which is a false belief that another person, group of people, or external force controls one’s thoughts, feelings, impulses or behavior.

  • Nihilistic delusion whose visualized centres on the nonexistence of self or parts of self, others, or the world. A person with this type of delusion may have the false belief that the world is ending.

  • Delusional jealousy (or delusion of infidelity): A person with this delusion falsely believes their spouse or lover is having an affair.

  • Delusion of guilt or sin (or delusion of self-accusation): This is a false feeling of remorse or guilt of delusional intensity.

  • Delusion of mind being read: The false belief that other people can know one’s thoughts.

  • Delusion of reference: The person falsely believes that insignificant remarks, events, or objects in one’s environment have personal meaning or significance.

  • Erotomania is a delusion in which one believes that another person is in love with him or her.

  • Grandiose delusion: An individual is convinced they have special powers, talents, or abilities.

  • Persecutory delusion: These are the most common type of delusions and involve the theme of being followed, harassed, cheated, poisoned or drugged, conspired against, spied on, attacked, or obstructed in the pursuit of goals.

  • Religious delusion: Any delusion with a religious or spiritual content. These may be combined with other delusions, such as grandiose delusions (the belief that the affected person was chosen by God, for example), delusions of control, or delusions of guilt.

  • Somatic delusion: A delusion whose content pertains to bodily functioning, bodily sensations, or physical appearance. Usually the false belief is that the body is somehow diseased, abnormal, or changed—for example, infested with parasites.
  • Smiliars to Diseases/Illnesses such as schizophrenia, paraphernalia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression.

    See a list of rare ones.

    In personal, someone under my roof is a most annoying person who does always stick what she is believing increasingly non-existant of something. It is more than a just normal person. Too much for me. As a observer, i can understand what that person goes through painful sufferings which may deteriorate her mental ability of judgement, comprehension and intellect.


    My Moody Day

    After a completion of my assignments, i have not any mood to write further few drafts and create new posts. I realise that i have few posts for a month of March. I asked myself why i have no mood to write. Is it because i am sick or fed up with rashes that started 2 weeks ago? I lost a interest to go the gym. Irritation wakes me sometime between 3am to 5am. Now, i have improper of sleeping. I have little mood to read a 490 page book of The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory.

    I doubt that i over-consummated Iodine which sources from seafood. I had finished a whole box of spicy prawn rolls that was brought from Batam. I had went for a medical consultation but i think i should go a private clinic instead of a public clinic such as a polyclinic.

    Switching to a serious career is on my mind almost everyday. I hope i can move on and move on without turning back like a train can not move back.

    Having inflamed skin is first time in my life. I heard there are many causes of the rashes. See Symptoms and Causes  I heard it will last for few months. It is so long.

    My apologise for sloppy writing here due to my blue mood.

    “Superwoman” by Alicia Key

    Everywhere I’m turning
    Nothing seems complete
    I stand up and I’m searching
    For the better part of me
    I hang my head from sorrow
    Slave to humanity
    I wear it on my shoulders
    Gotta find the strength in me

    Cause I am a Superwoman
    Yes I am
    Yes she is
    Even when I’m a mess
    I still put on a vest
    With an S on my chest
    Oh yes
    I’m a Superwoman

    For all the mothers fighting
    For better days to come
    And all my women, all my women sitting here trying
    To come home before the sun
    And all my sisters
    Coming together
    Say yes I will
    Yes I can

    Cause I am a Superwoman
    Yes I am
    Yes she is
    Even when I’m a mess
    I still put on a vest
    With an S on my chest
    Oh yes
    I’m a Superwoman

    When I’m breaking down
    And I can’t be found
    And I start to get weak
    Cause no one knows
    Me underneath these clothes
    But I can fly
    We can fly, Oooohh

    Cause I am a Superwoman
    Yes I am
    Yes she is
    Even when I’m a mess
    I still put on a vest
    With an S on my chest
    Oh yes
    I’m a Superwoman

    By Alicia Key

    Essential of Economics part IV

    My examination and assignments are over already. Those questions are really less competitive and boring due to their simple words. But it is good that i made myself more competitive. However, I found the notes may be different some from the textbook due to different theories from different economists and different countries. I started to notice the economics textbook are labelled in selected countries and realised that the economists’ theories are different in different countries. If you find my post has something different from your knowledge, then don’t get confused!! In additional, I learnt new about “Porter’s Five Forces” when i was researching for the assignment. I like to introduce about the Porter’s Five Forces. Thank you. Mere reading

    Next issue is Four Environments that affect on an organisation

    Competitive Environment ( It is another similar theory of Porter Five Forces)



    1) Power of Consumers

    – To affect the consumers’ responsiveness and sensitivity to the price changes: market of the outputs.

    2) Power of Suppliers

    – To depend on supports and contributions of the supplier : market of the inputs.

    3) Threat of substitutes

    – To affect other products for accomplishing the customers’ demand and satisfaction

    4) Degree of Competitive Rivalry

    – To depend on the competitiveness of the organization against others.

    • Number of substitutes and level of leadership

     – For instance, Coffee Cafe A and Coffee B are selling same type of the coffee cup. But the Cafe A is selling more various types of Latte such as green tea latte, chocolate latter and coffee latte while the Cafe B does not sell these types.

     – If the organisation hire many talent and skilled workers, they will contribute more resources to the organisation.

    • High storage /perishability

     – Some firms own a few warehouse. Example: Gardenia Co has 2 warehouses. (you never hear of it before. Then google for it)

    • Cross-subsidization

      –  To transfer the profit deposit from the division to another division in order to secure a financial status of the latter.

    • Capacity Changes

     – To replace some unwanted/low provision raw material which is rare to be consummated with competitive raw materials. For instance, the soy bean stall try to reduce stock of grass jelly products.

    5) Threat of Entrants

    •  Advertisement

    A new entrant put more efforts in creating an advertisement against the existing firm.

    •  Availability of Distribution Channels

      Similarity to Vertical Integration. For instance, different national airports park the shared lots. If the parking lots are fully occupied

      – a new entrant put many efforts in improvement of the service and reduction of the selling price for the customers” expecting.

    •  Expected Entry Wars

    A new entrant’s joining reacts other existing firms and they become more competitive against the new firm.

    •  Natural Monopoly Condition

    A firm is a monopoly and does not need to be more competitive against other firms because that firm’s product is only unique or impossible to copy/substitutes. For instance, Newater Company (this organisation in my country) is also a monopoly. It’s special machinery is able to remove dirt from containment water and cleanse the water. After that, the cleaned water becomes drinkable.

    •  Product Differentiation

      – a firm creates a better product to compete against the existing firms.

    Political Environment

    • Government Report

     – A useful guide to support either legal policy or laws.

    • Party’s Policy
    • Changes in Law

    – For instance, the Government bans the importation of anthesis which contains eighty percentage. It affects the selling companies/ pubs’ marketing.

    Interest/Specialisation Group

    – To influence the organisations with their special interest/identity. In situation, the activists encourage many chinese restaurants to reduce selling shark fin soups because the extinction of sharks are nearly coming.

    Technical Environment

    • Communication Access

      – To improve the communication system in some organisations to serve the customers better

    • Improvement/Quality of Product and Service

     – To improve the quality of service/product.

    • Cost Reduction

     – To help the organisation to reduce the wastage cost and the labour costs.

    Sociocultural Environment


    •  Rate of Growth

    It is to measure the numbers of birth against the number of death or to measure the number of various age group or ethnic group for the macroeconomics. For example, an economist reports that the high rate of the population in the selected area affects the rate of consumptions and natural resources in the same area.

    Lifestyle, Attitude and Culture

    • Examples: Inter-racial, single professional women who care about their career and leisure time. Thus, they are consummating more services or products on the leisure organisation.

    “Pharaohs of The Sun” from National Geographic magazine 2001

    Notice: I have not completed this post as I have no time to rack my brain on it. This post has been delayed for many months. =X

    “Beatifully, you come from the horizontal of heaven” by Amenhotep III

    Many Egyptologists, who are studying on the culture and artifacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization, are researching on the happening in the period especially a mystery whereabout of missing body of Neferiti. A young king, Akhenaten created a first religion after an impression of his father on the sun rays. The newly created religion was called Aten that mean that Sun Ray God. He was convinced that the ray of the Sun gives everything a life. A tree and a flower can grow under the sun ray. An animal can eat the plant and survive. A predator can eat its prey. A human can eat plants and animals to live. It is a similiar to the eco-system. The sun rays help to collect the vapourised water and convert them into condensed water (raining). The raining helps to the vegetable to grow and the water drinkers to drink. Oh no. I am just amazed about Aten (not religion, just philiosphy for me). The sun rays can light on the Earth for people to see clearly. Without the sun rays, we would die. It is the purposes of why he was inspired to create the first religion, Aten, in his kingdom and attempted to influence on his people. Unfortunlately, most of his people were trantumized that the king replaced the religion and the tradition habits as they were very orthodox.

    I am surprised that the anicent builders and engineers cut a huge drawing block into smaller blocks which are called Talatat blocks. Look at comparation of two photos

    My Dinner At Marché

    Marché at 313 @ Somerset at first level.

    Food Cuisine: Swiss/European

    Value: 10 to 50 dollar exclude service charge and GST. If you want to eat every “bazaar” stall, it will charge you 80 dollar.

    Service: 4 of 5. The staffs served us, hearing impaired people well.

    My dining partner and i walked fast and fast toward the Marché restaurant as we were very hungry and have a taste for European cuisine. We were greeted and guided by a host in Swiss traditional dress. Its location is a good selection because it is the place with high human traffic. But i do not like overcrowded places. Its peak hour is estimated between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Luckily, we came before the peak hour. The traditional design of the restaurant is very interesting place where you had not seen before if you never go to rural in Europe. It is like countryside and built everything in wood. A wagon, animal and people dummies, farmers’ wooden chair and table, wooden bench, wooden wine barriers, built-in cottage, wooden stalls and even wooden playground. The place is like bazaar. You can walk around many stalls and choose a food menu and present an electronic card which is to store total accrued amount. Before leaving the food bazaar, you will make a payment at cashier counter with the card. It can be more fun and interesting activity for you but watch what you spend. Without knowing how much, you will flash the card many times and in the end, the shock bill will slap you.  

    I wished to bring a camera but it was not. I started to be engrossed every different dish at every bazaar stall. Rosti ( Fried Swiss potato, my favourite) at one stall. Creamy soups and Swiss bread at another stall, Grilled Steak at another stall, Pizza at another stall, Pasta at another stall, market stall which is selling fresh vegetables, Dessert at another stall. Oh yes, I saw one of the dessert was made with Bailey creamy liquor!!! Too bad, i never ate it as my tummy was full.

    I ordered a small bowl of creamy mushroom with a piece of sliced swiss bread, a 0.3ml glass of german beer and a half-dozen of raw oysters. That was my small meal. The german beer is better than Tiger and Heineken beer. It is made of old wheat, old barley and other good ingredients and is stored for long period. It forms a strong aroma and taste. The bread is thick and rich. Not like local bread. Creamy mushroom soup is thick too. Good taste.

    I will visit the restaurant again and will make a big meal there. Perhaps, it will be another branch, Vivco City one.

    A cup of coffee and wrap for my day


    I had a good day. I chose mayo egg, fried green, red and yellow peppers, olives, shaved cheese, lettcus, tomato in a wrap at O’brean. I like Ob’rean cafe more than Subway. It is because it is very fresh and give you more choice of food items unlike Subway. But it costs more than subway.

    At TCC cafe, I started to eat it and realised i should take a photo of the dish first. I ordered a Chocolate Affogatto (espresso) as i am addicted to the espresso. This drink menu is nice one. Chips chocolate ice cream will melt with espresso on your taste bud. I think i like more TCC than coffee club. Many dishes/drinks are creative and give you a nice taste.