The Wolfman

The Wolfman

rate: 4 of 5

Genre: Supernatural and horror. NC 16

Lawrence Talbot , theater actor, received the request from his missing brother’s fiancée to return his childhood house. He learnt that his brother, Ben was dead and started to be suspicious there was a mystery. In his childhood, his mother was killed by the same mystical incident. After that, he discovered the medallion from the decreased’s belongings and tried to find out about its origin. At gypyies’ remote area, he visited an elder lady whose the medallion was found for a truth of the late brother. In the time of their conversation, a shadow figure appeared outside the boundary. The wolfwere attacked Lawrence by biting his neck. After that, Lawrence was recovered in his house and suffered hallucination. Partoners and detective learnt that Lawrence killed numerous people and arrested him. In a cell room, Lawrence’s father told him a truth of what happened. Lawrence realised it was who was true wolfwere.

The film’s background settings are very good. It look more classic and beautiful. But the film is quite dark. The acting is very gentle.


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