Interesting Post from Blurt Magazine

Notice: For matured and open-minded readers only. If you are against it, please respect my views. Thank you.


I picked a magazine at SMU for my reading time. A drawing picture which caught my attention was unorthodox. It is good and interesting topics to read.  The cover of Blurt magazine is that a woman in a male toilet is urinating at a wall bowl ( i don’t know what it is called). Funny? I was curious why that cover was shown openly. One of its articles is about the humorous proposal of 2 in 1 toilet installment. It means that the unisex toilet allows a woman and a man to go together. It is SMU student’s funny idea. For me, it is quite amazing because of a good convenience. nevertheless, that society is very orthodox and own a serious privacy. Elder women will complains more. Horny men will be entertained uncontrollably and tempting. Teenagers will drop their jaws as the private parts which they have never seen before will wow them. A couple will have more advantages but it will be more social taboo in a school. I think it is most funny one of the magazine’s topics.

These images are about homosexuality. I am not against the homosexuality because I am associating with these people for many years and it helps me to understand them better. I know my own sexuality orientation. Its topic is “The Butch Dilemma”. I agreed with the funny and true views of that topic’s author. I learnt new words from it. It is about Femme and Butch. Femme means that a person (male or female) dress and behave more feminine. Butch means that a person (female or transsexual) dress and behave more masculine. Plus, level of being butch or femme. Examples are being butch profoundly or less and being femme less or more. A heavy butch who look more macho finds it is troublesome to go female toilet or buy a personal napkin at a shop. Sometimes, i was reacted a man walked into the female toilet but i took closer look and realised it was heavy butch. She looked so embarrassed and ignored me as i gave her a shocking look. A light butch who is easily spotted as a butch woman has problems of buying a male clothing at male department. A part of the article is “The Jealous-Boy Dilemma”. It made me laugh but it is much agreeable. In this, some girls are attracted to the butchs’ appearance. I know some girls like a guy with feminine facial feature or masculine facial feature. I am easily attracted to a guy with masculine facial features. How to identity it is feminine or masculine facial feature? Hmmm. let me describe some but i cant go into so much due to details of facial outlines. It is common to see many chinese young boys whose facial features are feminine. They prefer to be shaved. And they have cute chubby, soft eyebrows and fair skin. My appearance has some masculine and feminine features because of some ways of my thinking and my hormone imbalance on period dependence. I dressed like a butch when i was young. It does not mean that i am lesian. It is because it is how my thinking was. I will not furnish more details of “how the thinking was” which is too complicated to talk.

Other topic is “New Trail”. It is about an experiement on generless society.  Male nurses, female boxers, househusbands, etc.


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