My Lunch at Lotus Restaurant of Quality Hotel

This is Lotus Restaurant at Quality Hotel, 201 Balestier Road Singapore 329926
Tel: (65)6355 9988  Fax: (65) 6255 0998

Service: 2.3 of 5

Value: Steamboat buffet costs you 22dollar plus.

Taste: 3.5 of 5

Cuisine: Chinese vegetarian

The restaurant serve the vegetarian steamboat on weekday excluded friday. It is common to see some Buddha monks and nuns dining there. In 2005, I had dined in there. The taste was very strong and heavenly. It had good aroma which was made of a heavy amount of chinese herbs. But, now, the taste is much different. The additional base soup is spicy (tom yam) and the herbal soup has light taste. I prefer the old taste of the herbal soup. I am chinese herbal soup lover since i was a child (my little sister hated the bitter herbal soup and often gave it to i who is willing to drink for her!) I know it is not usual that a young love to drink the bitter herbal soup. Then i am rare person. Back to the food. I picked more amount of assorted mushrooms than other food items. I love mushroom so much. You cook the mushroom in the herbal soup, it will be wonderful smell and heavenly taste. =)

Do you know what do “mock meats” mean? Heard of Mock Mutton, Mock Chicken and etc.In the fact, they are mostly made of soy and produced a “meat” shape so that it appears like a real meat. Never seen of them before? Then shop at the supermarket and find them.

A dessert is sweet nicely. Some of the desserts (cakes) contain no egg. I never tried them before because i was too full to eat them. vegetarian Sushi are quite interesting. Its taste is light.

For my blood type, i eat vegetables frequently. That’s why i feel happy after eating them. For Blood Type A, its dietary is usually vegetables, wheat, soy but less dairy and less meat. For Blood Type B, its dietary is more red meat and dairy and less soy, white meat and vegetables. I do not learn more about Blood Type O and AB yet.


2 thoughts on “My Lunch at Lotus Restaurant of Quality Hotel

    • Oh it is you. lol. i thought your comment was in my spam list. Sorry about it. Yes, you can consume veggie slowly until you like it so much. I read alot on type A’s dietary. We are supposed to eat less red meat altough i eat red meat many times because they are nice taste. Good Luck

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