Accusing/Blaming someone may be a kind pleasure

Case #1: I gave a listen ear to a elder woman who always complain about someone’s wrongdoing. It is really non stop. She does not trust the victim and tried to make him/her more hardships. However, she often deny about her small mistakes. For my visualisation,  the victim may be a scapegoat. It is because in aging period, her hormone level may be changed and released some chemistry to her body/brain. That’s how she is too stressed. Blaming someone gives her a sense of security. Secondly, many elder women are often seen as lonely people. It affects their esteem. The habit of blaming someone without thinking twice gives her a new ego. I came to understand the elder woman when i was reading on an article which is written by a woman ( i forget her name) who was known Malaysia director for a film. She mentioned “When elder women cried, no one understands or notices her”

Case #2: In my personal study on a local community, it is too common for me to see hearing impaired people blaming each other without reconciling or making a peace. Depend on the factors that affects on their behaviours. For instance, many of  the deaf people’s normal family member do not teach them properly in their formative years. Especially their own morale/esteem. No one praises them as much as other normal people. Many deaf blame others in order to get an good attention and are not willing to understand a situation as they have “willing-to-learn” phobia which they do not  want to learn more than what they understand.

Case #3: I blamed my partner often after that biggest mistake without thinking twice. It is because i was under serious pressure. I was seeking a solace/comfort or was trying to build a “ego”. Sometimes, i do not understand whole stuffs which appear suddenly without adapting.

Case #4 Under same roof, someone blames other family member for causing the family to suffer more instead of discussing for a good solution. As she suffers from muilt-chorinc illness, her ability of thinking and solving-problem is deteriorating. Blaming the troublemaker gives her sense of distress and satisfaction.

Case #5:  It is common to see many women who feel blue and blame people for no reasons due to her hormone responses especially their menstruation.

Blaming or accusing someone makes you feel satisfied or “good”. It is kind feeling like alcohol addiction, love addiction ( i am studying on it) and etc. Please be more understanding and have time to mediate before blaming/accusing someone who may be a scapegoat. Good Luck


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