My Visit of M1 Fringe 2010

“Border” at The Chapel of Sculpture Square is a film that is about illegal refugees inside the lorry. My visitation of  this was on 18Jan. It is interesting. It is about what Arabic 4 people chatted about their hopes in the crowd dark box inside the lorry. It is other country ( i have no idea what).

“The Power Of a Cliche” was at The Ateliter of National Museum of Singapore at level 3. It was about photography of women in Iran. But too bad for me as i had visit the  museum on 20jan  but turned to be unavailable. I am disappointed that it was cancelled and missed a chance to understand the religious and social society in Iran. I had no idea what happened to it. perhaps it is due to religious reasons. It’s brief was how women live in Iran where is a Muslim country.

“Last Meal” at Esplanade Tunnel is about the prisoners who chose their last meal before the execution. I find it is quite inspiring as it shows how they are in the society and the law. Few of them declined their last meal because maybe, they were in depression state. Few of them ate light meal. Some of them enjoyed the fine, tasty and nice meal on their final day. For my opinion, they should have last meal before their death otherwise they would be “hungry souls”.

“The Scale of Justice” at Jenade of Esplanade. Th artist was in the prison for 7 years without a guilt. He made a huge artwork. Many of white hand balloons and black hand balloons are separated. The black ones are on upside down and other ones are on ground. You may put black or white hand balloons in the area there.

“Of Flora and  Funan of World” is about illegal wildlife trafficking. I am impressed on the scientist who dared to mailed a package of a book that contained a rare gekeco through a courier. Very bold. Some of his attempts were successfully imported.

The festival will last on 24 Jan. Enjoy there.


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