My Visit At SAM for Filipino and Mexcian exhibtion

The exhibition is “In the Eye of Modernity: Philippine Neo-Realist Masterworks from the Aten Art Gallery” till3 Jan 2010.

I am impressed amazingly on the glass artworks – one of the Filipino gallery. There are many different shapes of glass containers with different fragrances to express the feeling and the experience. One of the displays is “death” shape with the “death” fragrance that contains light wood. One is “Island” shape glass that contains mint and vanilla.You can smell them to feel what its purpose is.

Other gallery is about Politic, cultural and Faith. Most of Filipino artworks are in dark colour ( more likely to be earth colours)

I select some of the artworks that are very interesting and inspirational.

Heritage Tunnel is the physical objects with the wood and the mirror. The wall of the cylinder is filled with books and one light bulb lean against the wall. Both of the end of the wood cylinder are mirror. You can see the visualised form that look like longer tunnel inside. The visualised form shows you there is no end and no beginning with the wall of books.

A Painting of Cards Of Pilipino that is to show few tarot cards that tell you what they were doing, what they thought and what their positions were. ( I am tarot cards user who can interpret the painted tarot cards’ meaning.) I was surprised that the painter is clever to draw the interpretation in the painting by the tarot cards and the people’s positions and activities. the tarot cards are mostly Arcade Major (I to XXII)

I noticed that some of the artworks show Jesus’s things, suffering and courage like a crown of thorn, his blood and broken cross. I guess Filipino people are Catholic strongly.

Filipino Myth, Legend and Folktales.

The Origin of Grain is very interesting legend in the model (made of glass and plastic ( i guess). The grain farmer had dry land that failed to grow the plants. He saw his god from a heaven and the god offered his hand to him and pulled him into the heaven farming land. The farmer stole the grain seeds from the heaven land and climbed down and planted them in the human land.

The Hunter is about man and animals. The hunter was attacked by the predator and was saved by his hound which managed to find a villager for a rescue.

Pedro And Wich is about hero and witch. While he was riding on the horse, he dropped his handcheif into the fire to kill the flying witch..

Some of the myth artworks show or contain the feathers. I guess it represents a peace.

Artworks from Mexico. I noticed that most of them are more plain than Frida’s inspiring artworks.

Christ Destorys His Cross.

“his metaphors for the victory of justice and social equality over ignorance and oppression” Amazing. It showed how Jesus revived and destroyed the cross and the buildings of ignorance. The label against the broken cross bore Jesus an insult.

Three Ages in the plain painting showed 3 generations.

The Thorn in the cream painting. The woman, the harvester has not fear as the thorn staked her feet. she was trying to pull it away from her feet at the desert.


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