Virgin’s Lover

Virgin’s love by Philippa Gregory

Rate: 4.5 of 5

Genre: Romance, Betray, political and partly History accounts.

Summary of the book: After Queen Mary was dead, the title of rulership was passed to Princess Elizabeth who was under house arrest as a suspect of plotting against her half-sister, Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth I was coronated in 1559 while she was still her childhood friend, Robert Dudley’s mistress. Robert’s wife was Amy Dubley whose death was rumored to be murder crime by Queen Elizabeth I’s order and as accidental account due to her chronic illness. Amy seemed to hate Queen Elizabeth I for taking her man from her life but Robert did not love her anymore as his love on Elizabeth was growing. However, Robert’s ambition kept him passion to claim a kingdom by marrying Queen Elizabeth I who realised she did not tolerate his desires although she loved him deeply. Many people protested against the planning marriage of Robert and Elizabeth. She had no choice to determine a marriage proposal to other Duke or prince. On verge of kingdom claim, Robert’s wife was murdered and infamed him on his crime.

It is very fantastic to read it. To utter my surprise, I learnt about the crime Queen Elizabeth and William Cecil made to avoid Robert’s ambition. i did not know Robert had wife, Amy, naïve girl at first. During first year of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, she ordered to remove Catholicism practices and replace Protestantism (Christianity).


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