Case 39

Case 39

Rate:2 of 5

Genre: Horror, Thriller

A family social worker, Emily received the case file that was labelled as 39 from her manager. The file seemed to be untouched for long time. She opened it and read through it. She decided to find out what happened to the girl whom her abusive parents hoped to kill her. She managed to rescue her from the violent parents after the girl called her secretly. After that, she decided to take in her as her carer. However, when she lived together with the girl, she started to suspect her as she was not innocent at all time. The girl had supernatural powers to conrol people to kill each other.Emily struggled to stop her from doing devilish.

For my opinion, it is jsut average as the film shows me many common things. But it is good idea that the devil possessed in the fictional character’s body and played with other children’s mind.


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